Month: September 2013

The Story of St Andrews

St Andrews is called the Home of Golf for a reason. Golf as we know it today originated on what is now known as the Old Course at St Andrews. The view from the 18th hole with the iconic Swilcan Bridge and the Old Course Hotel on the background is familiar to all golfers. If…

GameBook 24/7 Challenge – Announcing new winners and new prizes in Canada

GameBook 24/7 competition concept has been introduced to both UK and Canada this season with great results. In addition to these 10-week long contests, the 24/7 competition called Audi A3 Challenge has been going on in Finland all summer and still continues for as long as the golf season lasts. The UK contest ends this…

Beginner’s Guide to GameBook, part 5 – There’s no going back

I have been using GameBook for about a month and a half now and I’ve had it with me on every single round of golf I’ve played during this time. Last week I started to wonder what it felt like to play without GameBook, using just the good old method of pen and paper for…

Quote Game Manager

This is a great tool. I love the random assigning of players as this is how we do our Saturday games. Sunday we allow people to pick their groups. James, USA