April 25, 2016 - Mikko Manerus

Good enough for us = Good enough for our users

Over the yearsKalle and I have discussed on several occasions what constitutes a successful golf round. There are factors that we can’t really affect like the weather, the course you are playing and the people you are playing with. However, the most important one of all is the score and the excitement the right game format can bring to a round. And that we can help you with! There are so many different game formats in golf that I most likely can’t even name them all. And most of the time people use only a handful of them. Making it easier to choose different game formats that can make your round more fun was one of the missions we had when we originally started developing GameBook. Today we offer over 20 different game formats for individual and team games. 

In addition to already existing game formats we have also created two of our own. One of them is called Dublicate and the other is Erado –­  I strongly recommend that you test them both! Especially Erado has gathered a big group of fans and for some the love affair has gotten so serious that they refuse to play any other format. In Erado you are allowed to erase a predetermined number of scores (max 4) right after you’ve played a hole. Being able to get rid of a few bad scores relaxes your game and keeps up your good mood instead of letting the unlucky holes ruin the whole round. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about… And so do many others. I’ve even received an e-mail from a GameBook user explaining that he was already about to give up playing golf completely before he tried Erado. Our game format had helped him to reconnect with the game and find the joy of playing again. I must say that I felt very proud when reading that e-mail.


Many golfers tend to choose to play Stableford, which I have a hard time understanding. Don’t you think it’s quite boring? We actually developed Dublicate to liven up the good old Stableford. In Duplicate you receive a multiplier of either 1, 2 or 3 for each hole. As you might have guessed already, this means that your stableford points on that whole will be multiplied by the given number. The twist is that each player gets the same number of each of the multipliers during a round, but they vary from player to player on each whole. So, what seems like a not so important par 3 with standard stableford points for you, might end up being a game changer for your opponent with three times the points he would earn otherwise. Getting a hang of it?



Besides game formats, also all of the other features that GameBook offers today have been developed as a result of careful consideration and – I say this even though there is a risk that I am repeating myself – with the mission to make golf more fun. We don’t really do anything just for the sake of doing it or because everyone else is doing it. For us it is important that when we do decide to add something new to GameBook it is always top-quality and brings new value to the whole user experience.


chefs kopio

Sometimes our job resembles that of top chefs. We need to get all the ingredients just right to be able to serve you the best possible experience – both on and off the golf course.

It wasn’t until a year ago
 that we launched our GPS feature, which is a great example of the thought process that goes on behind our product development. Even though other apps already had GPS way before us and we had been asked for it numerous time, Kalle and I – as true golfers – felt that the GPS didn’t work accurately enough yet to really help out on the course. So due to this, we wanted to wait for the technology to get good enough for us before releasing it to our users. I must admit that personally I still prefer using a laser rangefinder, however the feedback that we’ve been getting on our GPS has been great ever since it was launched. 

Now that we are getting ready to launch the 3rd generation Golf GameBook, we once again have a couple of new features to introduce to you. Remember to check back here in a couple of days to follow along on the next chapter of our story!


– Mane

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10 responses to “Good enough for us = Good enough for our users”

  1. Peter Krighaar says:

    This must be the biggest tease ever ? Looking forward to follow your journey with version 3!

    • Kalle Väinölä says:

      Hi Peter,

      We take this as a compliment 😉 And look forward to having you on board in the future as well!

      • Peter Krighaar says:

        It is! Will windows Phone get version 3?

        Keep it up! Love your app/work!

        • Kalle Väinölä says:

          Thanks Peter! We promise to keep doing our best. Unfortunately the 3rd generation Golf GameBook will only be available on iOS to begin with. An Android app will come later but we currently don’t have plans to develop the app for any other platforms.

  2. Ian Savage says:

    I may of missed it, but when is the released date for the new generation Gamebook.


    • Kalle Väinölä says:

      Hi Ian,

      Actually, we haven’t announced the actual release date. The reason we can’t say the exact date yet is because the application is still in the testing phase. But we’ll make sure that once we know it, you’ll hear it as well!

  3. MJ Hovanetz says:

    Looking forward to see what ya got…will there be any equipment , balls, tees, anything?

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Hi MJ, thanks for your comment! Right now you can’t get any golf equipment through Golf GameBook, but who knows, even that might be possible sometime in the future… 🙂

  4. PS Soni says:

    Love the new options
    Just need to read your help more closely

    I tried to upload my profile photo and it would rotate the image in its own

    Wish you would assist in making my profile pic straight and hope this would turn all things straight in my game

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Hi, thanks for the kind words!

      Could you please contact our team at support@golfgamebook.com, explain the issue and let them know whether you have tried to upload a profile picture on the app or online? They’ll help you sort out the issue with the picture, but I’m afraid I can’t promise that will straighten your game… But I’ll keep my fingers crossed 😉

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