April 27, 2016 - Golf GameBook

So, what’s new?

Every time we submit a new release of our app to Apple we include a description of what is new in that particular release. Many times this can be described as just “bug fixes”, but when we submitted this brand new version of GameBook we ended up writing “Actually we have updated everything in the app!”.

The new app has now been submitted and it is only a matter of days before we can release it for you to explore. But before you get your hands on the app, we wanted to lift the veil a little and introduce you to our personal favorites of the new features that are going to enable you to experience golf like never before.

Kalle enjoys exploring the stats


My favorite feature on the brand new GameBook app is definitely the Statistics-section. I have always been striving to improve my game and want to do it solely based on facts. To me it is very important to know exactly how the different parts of my game can affect the score and understand which parts I need to concentrate on in order to improve it.

Previously, you’ve been able to collect and explore statistics on GameBook, but now we’ve presented them to you in a very nice visual way. The new graphics make it easy and even fun to study your game – even if you don’t happen to be a stats-nerd like me.

When looking through my own statistics charts I learned for example that fairway hits have a huge impact on my scores. When I do hit the fairway my score on that whole is 0.17 under par on average whereas missing the fairway causes my scoring average to be 0.31 over par. Fascinating, isn’t it? This summer you are going to see me chasing down those fairway hits.

Social activity is Mane’s favorite


While Kalle enjoys his stats, I’m more of a social guy myself. To me the greatest thing about the 3rd generation Golf GameBook is by far the never-before-seen GameBook Feed. It’s a newsfeed that those of you who use other social media platforms are very familiar with. With this new Feed, GameBook will rise right up there with the other social media platforms, and even above them as on GameBook you are allowed and welcome to talk just as much golf as you desire – without annoying any of your friends and followers who are not into golf. On GameBook everyone is into golf!

I am following quite a few people on GameBook and already during our testing phase my GameBook Feed has been flooded with cool photos, fun videos and interesting links. The best thing is that GameBook notifies me whenever something interesting pops up on my feed, so I won’t miss a thing even if I don’t constantly have the app open.

So, once you do get your hands on the completely renewed Golf GameBook app, make sure to follow as many people as possible to make the experience more fun. I suggest that you choose to follow at least me and Kalle as well as our Tour ambassadors Mikko Ilonen and Stewart Cink. And most importantly, start posting yourself!


This is where our post series on the history of GameBook ends and we start to write a whole new chapter. Hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down the memory lane with us! We will let you know as soon as the new app is available to download from the App Store and hope you’ll keep following us here on the blog as well as on GameBook, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Enjoy the 3rd generation Golf GameBook!


– Kalle & Mane

@kallevainola@MikkoManerus@GolfGameBook on Twitter

23 responses to “So, what’s new?”

  1. Great job guys. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to download the new version.
    Also please include Nigeria as a country in the race to Dubai. You have a lot of followers here…

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Hi Deji,

      And thanks for the kind words! Great to hear that we are big in Nigeria 🙂 We’ll see if we can get you guys involved in the Your Race to Dubai game as well. I’m probably not supposed to tell you this, but if you really wish to challenge the pros already now, you can try changing your home country in your profile to access Your Race to Dubai… 😉

  2. Ari M says:

    One word: Android! what’s going on, android seems to be totally ignored by GameBook of late, and I find it a disgrace.

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Hi Ari,

      GameBook is currently not available for Android, but this is not because we are ignoring Android.

      When we originally started developing an Android version based on our iOS app, we made the decision to use a cross-platform tool rather than develop a native Android app. Since then we’ve come to realize that this was a big mistake. We openly admit to making the wrong choice and sincerely apologize for this. But this is the reason why we’ve now been forced to let go of the Android version completely.

      Right now we are working on creating a native Android app with all the same features our iOS app has. We will let you know once we are able to publish the launch date for the new Android app.

      • Björn says:

        The web app works for android users while waiting for the new app!

        • Johanna Alho says:

          Thanks for pointing this out Björn! You are absolutely right, the web app can be accessed using a web browser on any device.

  3. Chris says:

    Are there any plans to add golf round planning features. An example would be me book a tee time for 4 a week in advance. Id like to be able to create the round in the app and invite friends. The app would allow 4 players to join (first come first served) and then notify everyone.

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll forward this on to our R&D team and we will see if this is something that could potentially be added to GameBook sometime in the future.

    • Be. Van Handel says:

      I totally agree. Would like to open a round up to all my followers a few day in advance and be able to set the designated amount of tee times based on accepted player that week.

  4. Mboneni says:

    When can we expect the update app to be released?

  5. Darren Hop says:

    When is the race to Dubai coming to the new app?

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Hi Darren,

      We are currently working on updating Your Race to Dubai and it will be available again in the next app release.

      • Don Pedro says:

        Johanna ! Great job with the version, congrats ! Any guestimate on when the android version could be available ? Still this year ?

        • Johanna Alho says:

          Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately I’m not able to give you an exact time estimate on the new Android app yet. We will let you all know as soon as we have news on that. So, please stay tuned!

  6. Aage Henneman says:

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den neuen Möglichkeiten von der neuen App. Warte jetzt nur auf das “Race to Dubai”. Dankeschön.

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Dankeschön Aage 🙂

      Your Race to Dubai will be available in the next update of the new app. So, you’ll be able to access it again soon!

  7. Neil Hart says:

    Why can’t we put the date in for a game? I put the scores on sometimes a day or 2 later.
    Apart from that I love it.

    • Johanna Alho says:

      Hi Neil,

      If you are using the app to create the game and record your scores you can change the date by simply tapping on the date in the game creation view. Tapping the pre-selected date (which is today’s date) opens up a menu where you can choose the correct date.

  8. Jason zolnowski says:

    Ashamed you dropped us android people, time for us to find a new app

    • Susanna Sarkki says:

      Hi Jason!

      Hope you have had a nice golf season.
      Great news, we have the best possible development team in place and the work is well underway. This means that Golf GameBook will be available for Android again next Spring.

      As soon as we have more exact information on the launch date we will let you know!

  9. magnus says:

    Whats the time line for a app that works with android, and NO the we based is not the same….
    How far i the future are we looking at?


    (never IOS)

    • Susanna Sarkki says:

      Hey Magnus!

      Thank you for your comment.
      We have the best possible development team in place and the work is well underway. This means that Golf GameBook will be available for Android again next Spring.

      As soon as we have more exact information on the launch date we will let you know!

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