January 7, 2021 - Golf GameBook

Bye bye 2020 – and hello 2021!

Dear Golf GameBookers,

In 2020 golf got bigger and so did Golf GameBook! Now it’s time to wrap up 2020 and also take a quick look at the season ahead. Last year we doubled the number of played rounds as well as active users on Golf GameBook. Thanks to all of you for your activeness and support!

A year ago, we told you that we have been working on rebuilding the app “under the hood”. Hopefully you got to experience the enhanced performance, combined with the decreased battery usage as well as multiple other features we introduced in 2020. The aggressive growth we faced during the season also presented some teething problems, which we were fortunately able to address efficiently through the feedback and testing support we received from many of you from all around the world.

2020 in numbers

More than 5 million rounds were played in 2020, representing more than double the number we had in 2019. As the number of rounds grew, we also got 200k new Golf GameBookers – a warm welcome on board! We really hope that you enjoy using our App! Please check out our tutorial videos from YouTube to get to know the app even better. At the moment we have members in 164 different countries – that’s amazing!

Here’s a few fun facts about our users and their golf skills…

If your handicap is over 34, your handicap group scored 119 shots on average. And if your handicap is below 5, you usually manage to break “the number” (80) and play 78 shots on average.

For you low handicappers, an eagle landed on your scorecard in 0,25% of all scores you entered to Golf GameBook, and if your handicap is over 34, you made birdies with this same probability. Low handicappers found greens on every second hole, while high handicappers needed 20 holes to get one green hit. On average, low handicappers needed 32 putts per round and high handicappers more than 40.

So more green hits and less putts and your golf season 2021 will surely be amazing!! 😎  Remember to check the wider analytics on different HCP group comparisons from the GGB app.

New features in 2020

Check out some of the main features we launched last year. Have you managed to use them all already?

Post round summary

Post round summary gives you some instant feedback of the round that you just finished. Was it putting that saved you a decent score and did you manage to improve your eclectic scorecard? You can get answers to these and many other questions by checking the round summary after every round. Stay tuned for a lot of additional improvements in this space for the upcoming season.

Missed greens and putting distances

As the stats showed us earlier, hitting greens will help you play better. But do you know whether you usually miss it long, short, right or left? If you’re not making enough birdies, you might also want to check how far away from the hole your first putt starts. Both of these features were something that our users were asking from us a lot. From what we can see, these have been in active use, so hopefully they have brought useful insights on your game.

Friend leaderboard and HCP group comparisons

Have you wondered which of your friends is the best putter or who hits the greens like a sharpshooter? Did you know that as a Gold member you can easily check this out from the app. Just scroll down the landing screen and find out how your golf skills compare to your friends.


Tournament Manager

Golf GameBook Tournament Manager is a new and innovative way to organise and manage golf tournaments. Tournament Manager takes care of the events all the way from invitations to post round marketing and thank you notes. The events can be branded all the way – in addition to the tournament website, also the ad placements of the Golf GameBook app is fully in use by the tournament organiser. Check the video and more information on our website.

Golf GameBook Swing Card

Golf GameBook Swing Card provides you with personalized golf lessons on the range or on the course. It is especially great now during the winter season, as most of us have plenty of time to focus on training and improving our swing. Golf GameBook Swing Card personal coaches can help you identify and improve your problem areas in your swing. All you have to do is upload videos of your swing. Activate today and get ready for the upcoming season!


2021 what’s coming

Based on the valuable feedback we received from the user survey last September, we are putting a lot of effort into the overall usability of the app and polishing up our existing features for the 2021 season. Our goal has always been to provide a simple-to-use app that serves the needs of both beginners and seasoned golfers. A lot of improvements are being made to the app in the coming months, some smaller and some bigger, and we are confident in our ability to offer you the best Golf GameBook experience to date.

We are also bringing out many new features, so stay tuned for upcoming releases. One of the coolest things to be revealed is how you can track your handicap with Golf GameBook in the future!

Have a wonderful golf season 2021!

-Golf GameBook Team


5 responses to “Bye bye 2020 – and hello 2021!”

  1. David Hannam says:

    Love the app and thank you all for the responsiveness. Please can we look at England 9 hole golf handicaps. For my Club we have 3 nines and often play just one of the 9s. The way app is set up you round it up to an 18 hole course but when I play the F9 not sure the WHS 9 hole handicap for England is correct. Happy to provide further info – Course is Farleigh GC Thank you

  2. Warren says:

    Love the App.

  3. Patrik says:

    A bit of feed back from one of your customers who has been using GameBook for years.

    I think you should introduce some three player games…..particularly now in these times when certain courses around the world only allow 3 players per flight. For example you can introduce the köpenhamnare format as called in Sweden (aka 6s else where in the world).

    You could also introduce skins tailored for a 3 ball.

    You could also introduce the game wolf…..

    Looking forward for some creative 3 ball games to be Introduced in your next GameBook version.

    Keep up the good work. The app has really progressed over the years.

  4. Tyrone Blignaut says:

    Constructive criticism, we are a group of about 15 golfers who all use the app. Unfortunately we are all looking at other apps now that we have to pay for the groups / live leaderboard feature. That was the best part of the app!

  5. Karl Karlsson says:

    I’m in a similar situation as Tyrone Blignaut. Gamebook has basically killed usability for small private groups that made use of the online features such as Online Leaderboard, Game manager to setup individual rounds and multi-round games with Ryder cup format. So many team/group valueble features have been cut out and we are now looking for other solutions such as at golf80.com.
    Personally I’ve been a Gold member for years but now I’m evaluating my options. Really sad move Gamebook.

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