Golf GameBook Challenges
Golf GameBook Challenges
October 11, 2022 - Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook challenges in adding value to golf clubs

What to do when the busiest summer months of the golf season are already behind us? WiseGolf implemented an effective activation campaign in Golf GameBook that delivered measurable benefits to the golf clubs that use their services.

WiseGolf Challenge disassembled

The WiseGolf Challenge was on Golf GameBook at the turn of August and September. The goal of the challenge was to play at least 4 different WiseGolf clubs (there are 29 in Finland) over a three-week period. There were 4 green fee gift cards (for 4 people) to a WiseGolf club of your choice as prize, one for the person who played the most courses and 3 to be drawn randomly among those who completed the challenge.

The challenge reached a total of 36,120 Finnish golfers through the app, for whom the branded challenge was displayed on the app’s home page for a total of three weeks. 4,200 players participated in the challenge, of which just under half were members of a WiseGolf club. A total of 6,877 rounds were played on WiseGolf courses during the challenge. Just under half of these, 2,935 rounds, were played by guest players.

Real benefits for golf clubs

The challenge type was new in Golf GameBook and had not existed before this season. More typically, challenges have involved collecting courses, giving players whose home club has more than one 18-hole course a slight advantage. Playing at different golf clubs put all challenge participants in a more equal situation at the start. On the other hand, it also encouraged players to play outside of their home clubs, which in turn was reflected in the number of rounds played by guest players at WiseGolf clubs. 

The activations of the challenge benefited WiseGolf’s various clubs in terms of guest players for a total of just over 88,000 euros, if the average green fee had been 30. However, we cannot claim that the challenge alone was the guest players’ reason for the selection process of the course. However, given the prizes and the timing of the challenge, we can assume that it had an influence. It was a great activation campaign and one that we hope to see in the future on Golf GameBook. 

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