Golf GameBook Junior Program
Golf GameBook Junior Program
October 19, 2022 - Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook Junior Programs 2022 wrapped up

Year 2022 provided Golf GameBooks young users fun challenges and a free Gold Membership for the season for the second year in a row in Finland and Sweden! Golf GameBook Junior Programs were organised with SCC – Sports Car Center in Finland and with Swedish Golf Federation in Sweden. Year 2022 continued in the footsteps of the successful first year.

In Finland, more than 4 900 juniors claimed their free Gold Membership. Compared to last year, the programme attracted over 500 more juniors. The number represents around a quarter of all junior golfers in Finland! All in all, in the light of the Gold memberships, over the last two years, Finnish junior golf has already been supported with more than €300,000. 

At the same time in Sweden, over 7 500 juniors redeemed their Gold Membership, which is about 10% of all junior golfers in Sweden. It was also delightful that over 2 300 more juniors activated their Gold Membership this year than in 2021. In total, junior golf in Sweden has been supported with more than €411,000 through the Junior Program.

There were four challenges in 2022 for both countries. In addition, Sweden had one separate challenge for girls. The challenges were made easy for the juniors to complete so that they could experience the thrill of success. The challenges are based on collecting statistics from the golf rounds, so the juniors collected putts, fairway scores, etc. The challenges offered the chance to win great product prizes, which were drawn among those who successfully completed the challenge.

Golf GameBook connects young people

Young people are the future of golf (too). That is why it is important that the sport offers the new generation of enthusiasts, above all, fun, social and memorable moments. To continue to attract new players after several years of growth, the sport also needs to be attractive and accessible – and digital is crucial to this.

This idea was also the driving force behind the first Golf GameBook Junior Program in 2021. The app provides a natural platform for the digital native users to do all this. Golf GameBook allows young golfers to:

  • Keep all their golf memories and information in their pocket
  • Collect and share moments while they play
  • Keep in touch with friends and make new ones
  • Collect advanced statistics from their rounds and compare them with their friends
  • Organise fun tournaments between golf friends
  • Participate in interesting challenges 

In addition, families can keep track of how the game is going and how the round is progressing via Golf GameBook – this can be particularly handy if you’re picking up a child from the course. 

After a successful second year, we’d like to thank our partners and hope to see more young golfers joining the Golf GameBook Junior Programs in the coming years!

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