Top 10 In Portugal
Top 10 In Portugal
November 22, 2022 - Golf GameBook

Top 10 Golf Courses In Portugal

Why not choose Portugal as destination for your next golf trip? We have some useful tips for you!

Based on reviews our users have left in the app, we have listed the 10 best courses in Portugal according to our users. The listing is made based on the number of stars the course received in relation to the amount of reviews. 

Save them to your Golf GameBook Bucket List and you’re set for your next golf trip. Don’t forget to leave a review of the courses you’ve played on in the app, both at home and abroad!

NOTE! Only courses with at least 35 reviews were included in the listing.

The top 10 courses can be found on the coast: in Obidos, Algarve, Albufeira, Cascais, Charneca da Caparica and Linhó.

1. Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort

Obidos, Portugal | 4.7 Stars | 45 reviews | Website

Royal Óbidos Golf, about 1 hour north of Lisbon, is ranked as number one in Portugal by our users. The course adheres to high standards and the course is designed to honor the surrounding nature and take advantage of the naturally undulating terrain. A resort and spa are also located next to the golf course.

The club facilities receive the highest score from our users, 4.8/5. The users rate the service, course condition and value for money experience consistently, all landing at 4.7/5. So far this year, more than 660 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook. If you are in or near Lisbon, you should play a round here!

“I just love everything on and around this golf course 👍🏻

2. West Cliffs Golf

Obidos, Portugal | 4.6 Stars | 36 reviews | Website

This links course stretches along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and here you can enjoy the game with the hum of the sea in the background. Users mention that the course is challenging but offers great views. So far this year, 1,300 rounds of Golf GameBook have been played here.

The condition of the course scores high 4.8/5 and the club facilities are also rated high 4.7/5. The clubhouse houses a restaurant and bar as well as a nice panoramic view of the golf course. There is also a well-equipped pro shop where you can find golf fashion, accessories and even souvenirs from the course. The service and value for money is perceived as good 4.5/5.

“The best course at the moment in Portugal.

“A very difficult course if you try long 300m drives on par 4s. To succeed you have to play smart, the course is unforgiving.

3. Praia D’el Rey Golf & Beach Resort

Obidos, Portugal | 4.6 Stars | 55 reviews | Website

This gem of a course, located on the Atlantic coast, is something special. Sand dune beach landscapes alternate with vast pine forests and views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Berlengas Islands off the coast of Portugal.

Users give almost equal points to all services on the course. The condition of the course and the service are rated 4.6/5 by the users. The club facilities and value for money are not far behind with 4.5/5 points. This year, 1,630 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook.

“Nice and challenging course.”

4. Vale do Lobo, Royal Course

Algarve, Portugal | 4.5 Stars | 40 reviews | Website

On Portugal’s southern coast lies the course considered to be Portugal’s most prestigious. Users rate both the condition of the course and the club facilities highly, 4.6/5. Here you will also find one of Europe’s most photographed golf holes, a carry-over the cliff edges on hole 16. Something that is definitely worth seeing and experiencing with your own eyes!

The value for money is perceived as good, 4.5/5, and the service also gets a good rating, 4.4/5. At this club, 1,080 rounds have been played with Golf GameBook this year.

“Great course that takes you around a whole village. Not so friendly to players with trolleys. Be prepared for a hike with a lot of height differences. Get a buggy. Had a ton of fun and that’s what counts!”

5. Amendoeira Golf Resort, Faldo Course

Albufeira, Portugal | 4.5 Stars | 38 reviews | Website

In fifth place we have the Faldo Course at Amendoeira Golf Resort. The course is located about 20 minutes from the town of Albufeira in southern Portugal. Club facilities and service score the highest here, 4.6/5. This course encourages strategic play. Careful positioning is required to get a good result.

Here you get good value for money according to our users, 4.4/5. A tip, look out for tee-off times where a golf cart is included in the price. The condition of the course is rated 4.3/5 by our users. The club is one of the three most popular in Portugal among Golf GameBook users, almost 2,400 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook this year.

“The most fun of Amendoeira’s courses. The course has good layout, from the tee box you can usually form an idea of the hole you are going to play. Lots of elevation changes, therefore recommend playing with cart, which is included in the price.”

6. Oitavos Dunes

Cascais, Portugal | 4.3 Stars | 57 reviews | Website

East of Lisbon, near the town of Cascais, you’ll find the Oitavos Dunes links course. 1,200 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook so far this year. Like many other courses in Portugal, it is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The course is adapted to its surroundings, which consist of both sand dunes and pine trees.

Users give the condition of the course the highest score, 4.5/5. Here you also get value for your money 4.4/5. The coastal location means that at times you may need to challenge the wind which can spice up the game a little extra. The clubhouse has a restaurant, a bar and a pro shop. The club facilities are rated 4.2/5 by users and the service is rated 4.1/5. There is also a luxury hotel adjacent to the course with a restaurant and spa facilities.  The hotel offers packages that include both golf rounds and accommodation at the hotel.

“Very challenging course with extreme winds and dry fairways that make the ball roll a long way. Putting can be tough where the wind grabs your ball. Very fun if you love winds.”

“A very nice course!

7. Gramacho Pestana Golf Resort

Algarve, Portugal | 4.2 Stars | 56 reviews | Website

The Gramacho Pestana golf course is located just over 30 minutes west of Albufeira. 1,050 rounds have been played on this course with Golf GameBook this year.

The course gets very even ratings for all the rated sections. The service and value for money both receive 4.3/5 points from users. Try this course if you are new to golf. Our users advise that it can be a bit tricky, but still lends itself well to beginners. The club facilities and the condition of the course are both scored 4.2/5 by our users.

“Great course for beginners and less consistent players.”

“Very nice course with quite a few hills, nice layout, some tricky holes.”

8. Salgados Golf

Albufeira, Portugal | 4.2 Stars | 38 reviews | Website

Now it’s time for a challenge! Salgados Golf is located within a short drive from Albufeira. Hole number 6 on this course is considered one of the most difficult holes in the world. The hole is long and has a lot of water. What’s your score going to be here?

Users give this course even scores on almost all points. The club facilities shine by a small margin over the rest, 4.3/5. The service, course condition and value for money all score 4.2/5 from users. The course is close to the sea and its character is affected by the wind. The course can be quite different from day to day depending on how the wind is blowing. This year 780 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook.

9. Aroeira Golf Club, Aroeira Pines Classic

Charneca da Caparica, Portugal | 4.2 Stars | 36 reviews | Website

A natural course outside Lisbon. The mild climate here invites you to play all year round. The course is surrounded by pine forests and therefore requires a certain amount of accuracy when hitting the ball.

Users feel that you get good value for money here, 4.3/5 and the service also gets good marks, 4.3/5. If you’re travelling with children, there’s a Kids Club that will look after and keep them entertained while you’re out on the course. The users gave the condition of the course and the club facilities a score of 4.1/5. More than 1,200 rounds have been played with Golf GameBook at Aroeira Golf Club this year.

10. Penha Longa Golf Club, Atlantic Championship

Linhó, Portugal | 4.1 Stars | 40 reviews | Website

In tenth place we have the Atlantic Championship Course. The Portuguese Open was played on this course in 1992. The course is located next to the Penha Longa Resort, which has a spa and hotel. Book one of the available packages if you want to combine golf with a spa treatment and overnight accommodation. The course is described as incredibly beautiful, and there are even historical ruins along the course.

Users give the highest rating to the club facilities 4.5/5. Service scores 4.3/5 and value for money is rated 4.1/5 by our users. The condition of the course is rated 3.8/5 by our users. Definitely worth a visit if you want to experience a beautiful course. Golf GameBook has been used on 630 rounds this year.

“The best course in Portugal.”

“Every hole is like a photo, very fun course to hit drives on!”

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