top10 united arab emirates
top10 united arab emirates
December 21, 2022 - Golf GameBook

Top 10 Best Golf Courses In United Arab Emirates

It’s peak golf season in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)! There are several top-class golf courses in the UAE and playing golf here is an experience in itself. 

There are plenty of reviews written in the app and based on them, we have listed the top 10 courses in the UAE. The listing is made based on the number of stars the course received in relation to the amount of reviews. This time the top 10 list is very tight, with many courses receiving almost the same rating – the point differences are minimal.

The Bucket List in Golf GameBook app is a handy way to save the courses you’re curious to play. Are you going or planning a golf trip to the UAE? Feel free to take advantage of Golf GameBook users’ golf tips in this blog post! 

NOTE! Only courses with at least 80 reviews were included in the listing.

9 out of 10 of the best golf courses in UAE are located in Dubai and one in Ajman.

1. Trump International Golf Club Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.6 Stars | 104 reviews | Website

In first place is Trump International Golf Club Dubai which is suitable for all kinds of players. It is challenging for more experienced golfers but not too difficult for beginners. More than 2,900 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook this year.

Users rate the service and club facilities 4.7/5. The clubhouse includes a restaurant, pro shop and fitness center. Here you can also enjoy a swim after your golf round. The condition of the course is rated 4.6/5. Users praise practically all areas of assessment in their reviews. This leads us to conclude that it is indeed a well-functioning facility. It is also felt that you get value for money here, 4.5/5.

“A pleasant course in mint condition. Varying characteristics from very long par 5s to nice and easy par 3s and tricky short par 4s.”

“The best. Love it.”

2. The Els Club

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.6 Stars | 106 reviews | Website

If you’re looking for your next course challenge, this is the one for you! Designed by Ernie Els, the course is a masterpiece in course design. Meticulously planned course features are blended with features from Els’ favorite courses around the world. The course is a links course realized in a desert landscape. That’s why it’s also known as the desert links.

1,800 rounds have been played at The Els Club with the Golf GameBook this year. The service here is excellent, 4.8/5. The club facilities are also rated highly, 4.7/5. The course is in good condition and users give it a score of 4.6/5. Here you also get good value for money, 4.4/5.

“One of the most challenging courses in Dubai with open fairways but difficult approach shots and tricky greens. Several fairway and green bunkers. Good players will love the challenge!”

“This is a difficult but beautiful golf course.

3. Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.6 Stars | 91 reviews | Website

We stay in Dubai but move towards Dubai Creek where the third course, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, is located. On this course, Golf GameBook has been used on 850 rounds this year. The course is watery as it runs along Dubai Creek and also has some water hazards. So it pays to keep your tongue-in-cheek when hitting the ball. Although challenging, it is praised by players as one of the best in the UAE.

The service is rated 4.7/5 by our users. The club facilities also score high, 4.6/5. The course is well maintained and users rate the condition of the course 4.5/5. Value for money is also perceived as good, with users rating it at 4.5/5. So overall, great points for this gem!

“Beautiful course.

“Best I’ve ever played!”

“One of the best courses in the UAE, very well maintained and great service!”

4. Jumeirah Golf Estates, Earth Course

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.6 Stars | 96 reviews | Website

In fourth place, we have the Earth Course from Jumeirah Golf Estates which hosts the famous DP World Tour Championships. The parkland landscapes of Europe and North America have been the inspiration for this course. Golf GameBook has been used in over 3,300 rounds here this year.

Users rate the club facilities with a score of 4.7/5 and the service with a score of 4.6/5. The condition of the course is rated with 4.5/5 points and value for money with 4.4/5 points.

“The Earth Course at JGE is top notch, for competent golfers or if you want a serious challenge, lots of fun (or suffering).”

5. Dubai Hills Golf Club

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.5 Stars | 99 reviews | Website

One of the most iconic golf destinations in Dubai, Dubai Hills Golf Club, lands on the fifth place. The course is praised by users for its top condition, 4.7/5 points. The layout of the course follows the natural topography of the area. Both skill and game strategy are tested here.

Dubai Hills Golf Club is not far from Downtown Dubai, only 15-minute drive. It’s managed by Troon Golf, known for its extraordinary guest and member experiences. So it’s not surprising that the service and club facilities are rated 4.5/5 by our users. A total of 940 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook this year. You also get good value for money here, 4.5/5 points.

“Fantastic course and offers a challenge for all golfers with bunker placement and pin positions.”

6. Emirates Golf Club, Majlis Course

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.5 Stars | 92 reviews | Website

The Majlis Course at Emirates Golf Club is ranked fifth. The Majlis Course is the first grass golf course in the Middle East and it is built on the dunes on the outskirts of Dubai. Golf GameBook’s users have played 4,850 rounds at this club this year. Top-class club facilities and a wide range of services including accommodation, gyms, restaurants and bars are available next to the course.

Both the facilities and the service are rated highly by our users, 4.6/5 points. Users praise the course experience in the reviews. The condition of the course is rated 4.4/5 by our users and the value for money 4.3/5. It is clear that you are in for a unique experience!

“The best golf course design in the Middle East without question. They just don’t make them like this anymore! Plenty of dog legs for risk and reward, reachable par 5’s at a stretch, variety of green sizes, shapes and undulations, and the best finishing holes on the European Tour schedule. BOOM!”

“Well, this would probably not be a European Tour course if it would not be a great course. The green fee for walk-in customers is a bit on the high side, but you get to play a great course and enjoy nice facilities. During our round the wind was quite strong, requiring 2-3 clubs more to reach the distances in headwind, also giving some headaches when navigating some of the par 3s. But even with the wind, the overall experience was very positive and given the possibility, I’ll surely return to play again.”

“One of my top 3 courses in the world.”

7. Al Zorah Golf Club

Ajman, United Arab Emirates | 4.4 Stars | 102 reviews | Website

The following course is located in the city of Ajman. Many users praise this course as one of the best golf courses in the UAE. The tide affects the water level around the course, which is an experience in itself. The course is beautiful and is lined with mangrove trees and beautiful rolling landscapes.

Users rate the condition of the course with 4.8/5 points, which is the highest score for the course condition in this listing. Value for money also lands high at 4.8/5. Service scores 4.5/5. What the club facilities lose out on in points seems to be made up for by the rest of the golf experience. The club facilities score 3.8/5 by our users. 680 rounds have been played here with Golf GameBook this year.

“The course is lined with natural mangroves and set in a scenic canvas. Some of the best greens in the UAE.”

“A gem!”

“The best course in the UAE when it comes to value for money. Always in good condition.”

8. Montgomerie Golf Club

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.4 Stars | 93 reviews | Website

Another Troon Golf destination is in eighth place – Montgomerie Golf Club. The course has several water hazards which form idyllic views to enjoy at several points. A little over 600 rounds of golf have been played here with Golf GameBook so far this year.

Users give the highest score to the club facilities, 4.6/5. The service here gets 4.5/5 and the value for money 4.4/5. The condition of the course also gets a thumbs up from users with a score of 4.2/5.

“Great course and nice atmosphere.”

9. Emirates Golf Club, Faldo Course

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.3 Stars | 111 reviews | Website

The second course at the Emirates Golf Club is placed in ninth place. Now we find ourselves on the Faldo Course. This course is also a championship course and hence it challenges players both in length and with varying shades of design. The course is open 24 hours a day and after dark, the course is naturally lit. That is a golfing experience well worth experiencing!

Users rate the condition of the course and value for money at 4.2/5. The facilities and service both get 4.5/5 stars.

10. Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 4.0 Stars | 82 reviews | Website

In the last place, we have Arabian Ranches Golf Club, also located in Dubai and here you can experience true desert golf. Miss the fairway and you’ll end up in the natural desert landscape that surrounds the course. There is both sand and desert vegetation.

During this year, approximately 680 rounds have been played here with the Golf GameBook. The club facilities are rated 4.1/5 by users and the service 4/5 points. Also, value for money is scored by users at 4/5 and the condition of the course is rated at 3.8/5.

“Have enjoyed every time I have played here. It is unusual that the sand outside is not hazard, but adds to the unique nature of this course. Would love to play here again.”

“The greens were renewed in 2019 and are now starting to be in good condition. If you want to see sand in the desert, Arabian Ranches is the right place 😉

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