2022 in numbers
2022 in numbers
January 18, 2023 - Golf GameBook

Year 2022 in numbers

The year 2022 has turned into 2023 and there was certainly no lack of momentum from the past season! The year was full of games, events and fun. In addition, the Golf GameBook team got a lot of new reinforcements. But most of all, it was you, our dear users, who made this year unforgettable.

We have put together what the past year has been all about. Come along! 

Despite a delayed start to the season in the Nordic countries after a harsh winter, over 5 million rounds were played around the world in Golf GameBook. We also gained around 340,000 new amazing users during 2022. The total number of registered users is now already over 1.2 million, and we would like to warmly welcome every new Golf GameBook member to our community!

We are pleased to see that GameBook is being used more and more worldwide every year. There are more than 40,000 golf courses available in the app, of which 21,419 were played last year. So, there’s still a lot to choose from! 

We are constantly updating the course data in our app, so if you notice that a golf course is missing or if the data for a course is incorrect, please let us know (support@golfgamebook.com) and we will make the necessary changes as soon as possible. 

What if Golf GameBook were a player in 2022?

Each of our users is different, but all of us Golf GameBookers are united by our love for this awesome sport. For some, golf is a fun occasional Sunday activity, for others it’s simply a way of life. 

Did you know that the average handicap of Golf GameBook users is 17.6? Is it close to your own handicap? Additionally, the average score of our users is 97 strokes. The handicaps don’t tell us much about the person behind the numbers. However, there are some elements of the game that can be predicted based on them.

If Golf GameBook were a player with the average HCP of its users, it would be ranked in handicap group 3. This group includes users who hold a handicap of 11.5–18.4. In 2022, they had an average of 3–4 green hits during a round. In this case, on par 4s they hit the green on the second shot and on par 5’s on the second or third shot.

On an 18-hole round they had on average 35–36 putts, so around 2 putts per hole. 7–8 shots from the tee box ended up on the fairway, and they had 2–3 extra strokes from penalties per round. 

How many fairway hits per round?
How many green hits per round?
How many penalties per round?
How many putts per round?
Average score per round

What do you think, will Golf GameBook move to the next handicap group some year? For this to happen, we’d need to see a little bit more accuracy in approaches to get rid of extra strokes around the green from our users. Also, if you plan your game well, you might end up hitting the ball less in the hazards and might get rid of those useless penalties. Have you tried our GPS features on your rounds to measure distances?

But, whether you like to improve your game or simply have fun on the course, let’s make the most out of this new year!

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