February 7, 2023 - Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook Gold Membership Upgrades For 2023

You can expect benefits and offers, an exclusive shop, and plenty of new and much-wanted features for even more enjoyable games.

In 2023, the Golf GameBook Gold Membership will be better than ever. This is promised by Teemu Ruuska, COO of Golf GameBook:

“Golf GameBook Gold Members will get great value for their money in the coming season. In the upcoming golf season, our Gold Members will have access to significant discounts and benefits. We have worked hard over the winter to compile a long list of courses in Finland and Sweden where our Gold Members can play at discounted rates, among other things.”

At first, the benefits and offers will be available mainly in Finland and Sweden. The aim is to extend them to other countries soon, especially those where Golf GameBook is actively used.

“In addition, we will open a new Golf GameBook online shop, which will be open only to our Gold Members. There you will find Golf GameBook products, of course, and products from well-known brands such as Titleist, Callaway, etc. The prices will be exciting.”

Praise for functionality

In addition to the benefits, offers, and the new GGB Gold Shop, the app provides golfers with many improvements and new features for the 2023 golf season.

“The Golf GameBook app will be better than ever. Over the last couple of years, we’ve worked hard to make the app fast and reliable. Last year we received many compliments from our users for its functionality. Over the winter, our users have seen a lot of improvements, including in the Golf GameBook Feed, where video and image uploads and emojis now work smoothly. Soon it will be easier than ever to create games, and the communication features within the app will be greatly improved,” Ruuska says.

Gold Membership makes larger buddy tournaments possible

“This year, we’re also bringing some huge new features, including multi-round games, which our users have requested the most over the past couple of years. We are very excited about this and have high expectations for the feature. Users have long asked for the ability to create, for example, games that last for multiple days in one go, and now it will finally be possible.”

In addition to the multi-round games, there is much more to come throughout the season. We look forward to a great golf season for all Golf GameBook users.

Offers and benefits will be available on the Golf GameBook app before the season starts. We’ll introduce multi-round games during the spring.

The price of the Gold Membership will remain the same. So in the coming season, Golf GameBook Gold Members will get to enjoy an even better app, not to mention the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money.

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