Offers and benefits
Offers and benefits
February 14, 2023 - Golf GameBook

Offers And Benefits For Gold Members For Season 2023

The 2023 golf season is just around the corner, even on more northerly courses. In the coming season, our Gold Members will enjoy an even better app, new features, and a long list of member benefits and offers. In addition, we will open an online shop, which will be open to Gold Members only. 

What are the offers and benefits all about?

With Gold Membership, you’ll soon have access to member benefits when we launch the Gold Offers for 2023. And it will only cost you one cup of coffee a month. The list includes a wide variety of offers from different golf clubs and brands. At first, the benefits and offers will be available mainly in Finland and Sweden. The aim is to extend them to other countries soon, especially those where Golf GameBook is actively used.

The idea of membership benefits was born because we want Gold Membership to be even more valuable for players on and off the course. It is also important for us that the clubs and brands offering benefits get the maximum benefit from working with us. That’s why we decided not to charge clubs or brands for the benefits they offer. Many players in the market make a profit with similar benefits and deals. In such a model, the benefit to the golf clubs is minimal, as the intermediary takes a slice on top of the discount given. It is precisely for this reason that we have attracted golf clubs and brands to our concept.

With offers and benefits, we also want to encourage Golf GameBook users to explore new courses. While there is always a certain threshold for playing on new golf courses, member benefits should lower it for our Gold Members.

Interested in playing in Finland or Sweden?

In Finland and Sweden, there will be many courses where our Gold members will play at discounted rates in the coming season. Even though the season is only getting closer in the Nordic countries, there are already plenty of benefits at this stage. 

The list will be updated throughout the season. We will be actively announcing new offers and benefits, so stay tuned.

How do the benefits work?

Claiming your benefits is easy and always done on the site. Select the offer you want to use from the list and book a tee time. 

When you arrive on-site and are about to pay for your round, show the caddie master the Golf GameBook app home page. From the front page, the caddie master can verify that you are a Gold Member by the yellow ring around your profile picture. All other future benefits work in the same way.

Here are just a few examples of upcoming benefits:

Espoo Golf: Green fee in July 50€ per person. A Gold Member can also bring a friend, for whom the green fee is also 50€. The normal price is 75€ per person.

Oulun golfkerho: Green fee and lunch for 2 persons, price 119€ (normal price 150€/170€).

PGA National: 100kr credit for the range (Trackman available on the range) when you get a free range card with your game. 

Mariestads Golfklubb: One-time offer for Gold Members: green fee 500kr, valid every day of the week. The normal price is 650kr.

So it goes without saying that our active Gold Members can save hundreds of euros in the coming season.

Do you represent a golf club, a golf or tourism company, and would you be interested in effectively reaching active golfers and gaining more customers? Drop us a line at, and we will be happy to tell you more.

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