Multiround feature available soon
Multiround feature available soon
February 28, 2023 - Golf GameBook

Multiround games available soon in the app – Are you ready?

Perhaps one of the most requested features by our users, multiround games will soon be available on Golf GameBook!

A solution that has not yet been seen

Many will still remember Golf GameBook’s Online Game Manager, which allowed any user to conveniently create larger competitions via the browser if they wished. Unfortunately, in 2021 we had to abandon the Online Game Manager as it was no longer technically feasible to maintain it.

We then launched Tournament Manager, which is specifically designed for golf clubs and is already in use at more than 100 clubs in Finland and Sweden this year. Golf GameBook’s Tournament Manager is also attracting more and more interest worldwide. When you combine the Golf GameBook app, already the choice of more than a million golfers, with the Tournament Manager, which has been highly acclaimed by golf clubs, we are talking about a combination that has never been seen before.

However, there has been a clear gap and need between Golf GameBook and Tournament Manager that we have not been able to address. There are many golfers, groups of friends, and various communities for whom the app has not been a sufficient tool to run major tournaments or events. Tournament Manager is again too rigid a solution for these and requires a computer to support it.

We have long recognized the need to create/find a solution for multiround games, but so far, the biggest challenge has been time and resources. 

Creating competitions has never been this easy

However, making such a feature is not a job for days, weeks or even months. After a long period of development, the feature will soon enter the testing phase. So we look forward to the upcoming golf season, when our users will be able to create one or more rounds of competition in a way that has never been seen before.

Multiround games will only be available for our Gold Members, but it will be possible to add free users to the games.

So what is this feature best suited for? Here are a couple of examples:

  • A weekend game trip. In the future, you will no longer have to manually  add up the results from different rounds to find out who comes home as the winner. In multiround games, the results will automatically link to the same leaderboard and you will always see the overall standings for the entire game.
  • Individual competitions for buddy groups or companies. Tournament Manager is an absolute must for professional corporate events, as all the competition details, registrations, starting lists, and more can be managed through one service. The app’s new competition creation feature can be playfully called Mini Tournament Manager. You’ll find all the features you need to create unforgettable competitions. Create a competition, manage participants and control the game directly from the app.

Add to this the communication capabilities of Golf GameBook, and we have a golf app like no other on the market. For example, you can create a chat group among the participants of a competition with just one click. This means you don’t need to have the phone numbers of all the participants to create a WhatsApp group and golf conversations stay in their natural environment.

We can’t yet give an exact date for the release, but we aim to have the features in everyone’s pocket during the spring!

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