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Top 10 Golf Courses in Finland

The golf season is in full swing and it’s time to explore the courses in Finland! Here we list the 10 courses that our users think are the best in Finland. It was an extremely close match with only a few decimals deciding the positions in the list!

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NOTE! Only courses with at least 500 reviews were included in the listing.

Top 10 courses in Finland are located around Helsinki and in the south.

1. Linna Golf

Hämeenlinna, Finland | 4.6 Stars | 1,004 reviews | Website

In first place is Linna Golf, located just outside Hämeenlinna. It offers exclusive accommodation adjacent to the golf course. A high-quality dining experience can be enjoyed at the neighbouring Vanajanlinna or at the club’s own restaurant.

Photo: Linna Golf

At Linna Golf, the focus is on offering an unforgettable overall experience. The course promises golf that corresponds to European Tour level conditions and the course team’s top priority is to offer a course that is in top condition down to the smallest detail.

Our users give the club facilities 4.7/5 stars and the service 4.6/5 stars. The condition of the course gets 4.5/5 stars and the value for money is given 4.3/5 stars by users.   

In 2022, 13,500 rounds were played with Golf GameBook at Linna Golf. 

“The rumour that this is one of the best courses in Finland is true. Expectations were met without a doubt. The course is in excellent condition and the beer is cold. A must to come back!”

2. Nordcenter Golf, Benz

Åminnefors, Finland | 4.5 Stars | 512 reviews | Website

In second place is the Benz course at Nordcenter Golf in Åminnefors. In 2021, the course was ranked as the fifth best in Finland by Golfpiste. Benz is an idyllic park course where you can enjoy wide fairways, beautiful forest ponds and greens surrounded by undulating hills. The course is close to nature and offers a nice variety during the round.

Photo: Nordcenter Golf

After the round, you can enjoy good food in the manor’s restaurant, which was ranked Finland’s best golf restaurant in 2021.  

Our users have been very consistent in their assessment of this course, all areas of assessment, i.e. club facilities, service, course condition and value for money received 4.5/5 stars.  

Golf GameBook was used for more than 11,000 rounds at Nordcenter Golf. 

“Nice overall experience”

3. Kytäjä Golf, North-West

Hyvinkää, Finland | 4.4 Stars | 578 reviews | Website

In third place, we have Kytäjä Golf’s North-West course. Kytäjä Golf is located just outside of Hyvinkää. The course is ranked as the second-best in Finland by Golf Digest in 2022. The first 9 holes are played in farmland landscapes. During the second half of the round, the landscape is dominated by undulating forest landscapes and beautiful rocky cliffs. The European Challenge Tour was played here in 2013. The range of services in connection with the course is wide.

Photo: Patrick Koenig

In the clubhouse, there is a pro shop and here you can also buy clubs from Callaway. It is possible to enjoy the sauna after the round and if you want to stay a little longer, there are also luxurious accommodation facilities.

Users give the club facilities 4.6/5 stars and the service 4.5/5 stars. Both the condition of the course and the value for money are given 4.3/5 stars by our users.   

Last year, over 19,500 rounds were played at Kytäjä Golf with Golf GameBook.

“Finland’s best course”

4. Pickala Golf, Forest

Siuntio, Finland | 4.4 Stars | 684 reviews | Website

In fourth place, we have Pickala Golf’s Forest course. Pickala Golf is located about 30 minutes outside the centre of Helsinki. The Forest course is the newest of Pickala Golf’s three courses. In Golfpiste’s 2019 ranking, Forest was ranked as the ninth-best course in Finland. During the first nine holes, the landscape is mixed with the neighbouring water and park environments. The last 9 holes are dominated by forest landscape. 

Photo: Teemu Kiiskinen

Users rank the service as the best, with 4.5/5 stars. The other areas, club facilities, course condition and value for money all receive 4.4/5 stars from users.    

At Pickala Golf, Golf GameBook was used for 35,800 rounds last year.

“Everything was great. Worth a visit!”

5. Nokia River Golf, Rock Course

Nokia, Finland | 4.4 Stars | 518 reviews | Website

The next course in the ranking is the Rock Course at Nokia River Golf. This is the newer course at Nokia River Golf and it offers players a modern design. However, it is important to play strategically and place the ball correctly to ensure a good score on this course. The varied design of the greens also makes the approaches interesting. On the versatile practice area, you can practise your swing, your putts, or your approaches.

Photo: Nokia River Golf

After playing golf, you can enjoy the rural idyll by renting one of the cottages in the area. The clubhouse also has a restaurant that serves both lunch and an a la carte menu.

Our users rate the service at this course with 4.5/5 stars. The club facilities and value for money both receive 4.4/5 stars and the condition of the course 4.3/5 stars. 

Golf GameBook was used extensively at Nokia River Golf last year. A total of 43,800 rounds were played with Golf GameBook during the year!

“Nice and quite easy course. Lots of water and altitude differences and less shots in the forest. Fairly fast greens that suited me.”

6. Pickala Golf, Park

Siuntio, Finland | 4.4 Stars | 595 reviews | Website

Another of Pickala Golf’s three courses, the Park course, comes in sixth place. As the name suggests, the course is mainly dominated by beautiful parkland. It is also one of the longest golf courses in Finland if played from the back tee. The course is kept at championship level and at the end of June 2023, a round of the Ladies European Tour was played here.

Photo: Teemu Kiiskinen

Users give the service, club facilities and value for money 4.4/5 stars. Course condition gets 4.3/5 stars. 

“Fantastic course! The terrace is wonderful in the evening sun”

7. Viipurin Golf, Etelä-Saimaa

Lappeenranta, Finland | 4.4 Stars | 500 reviews | Website

To enjoy unique, beautiful Finnish lake scenery, head to the seventh-ranked course, because Viipurin Golf’s Etelä-Saimaa course offers just that. In 2019, the course was ranked the most beautiful in Finland in the Golfpiste ranking. The course is designed on a barren and mountainous island in Lake Saimaa. The patient and calm player will do well here as the space on the course is limited due to its location close to the water.

Photo: Viipurin Golf

There is a restaurant in the clubhouse, as well as changing rooms, showers and a sauna if you fancy a sauna after your round.

The condition of the course takes home the prize in our users’ ratings, the condition gets 4.6/5 stars. Value for money is given 4.4/5 stars by our users. The service gets 4.3/5 stars and the club facilities 4.2/5. 

Last year 16,900 rounds were played here with Golf GameBook.

“Ranked as the most beautiful course in Finland and I will sign that. Challenging but also rewarding if you plan your game. Our group gives 5 stars.”

8. Lakeside Golf, Järvenranta

Sastamala, Finland | 4.4 Stars | 506 reviews | Website

At number eight is Lakeside Golf’s Järvenranta course, which is a 45-minute drive outside Tampere. Here too, the first nine holes are characterised by Finnish lake scenery as the course runs along the shore of Lake Rippilänjärvi. The lake also spices up the game with some extra challenges along the way. The last nine holes are characterised by forest landscapes and more height differences. So a perfect variation! The clubhouse has a restaurant and pro shop if you need to supplement your equipment. 

Photo: Lakeside Golf

Our users believe that you get good value for money here, the rating is 4.5/5 stars. The course condition and service get 4.4/5 stars and the club facilities 4.1/5 stars. 

In 2022, Golf GameBook was used in over 18,200 rounds played at Lakeside Golf.

“Beautiful surroundings and a fantastic course!”

9. Kytäjä Golf, South-East

Hyvinkää, Finland | 4.3 Stars | 656 reviews | Website

In ninth place is Kytäjä Golf’s second course, South-East. The European Challenge Tour has been played here in both 2012 and 2014. The first nine holes are played in an open forest landscape with plenty of elevation changes. The back nine is played in farmland near the neighbouring Lake Kytäjärvi. Several of the users emphasise in their reviews that this is a nice course, so a visit is highly recommended.

Photo: Patrick Koenig

The club facilities are rated 4.5/5 stars by our users. The service gets 4.4/5 and the condition of the course 4.3/5 stars. The value for money is rated 4.2/5 stars by users. 

“Nice course. Fun to play on a course with nice short-cut green holes. And the fairways are like airfields. No outs in sight. Very good. The bunkers don’t need to be hit like crazy.”

10. Tahko Golf, Old Course

Tahkovuori, Finland | 4.3 Stars | 521 reviews | Website

In tenth place is Tahko Golf’s Old Course. This course is also one of the most beautiful in Finland. It is located by Lake Syvärinjärvi and right next to it is Tahko’s slalom slope. This course offers the player a little bit of everything, a park environment, forests, water, height differences and above all fantastic views. The clubhouse has a restaurant and a pro shop. It is also possible to buy golf packages with overnight stays at one of the nearby hotels.

Photo: Tahko Golf

Our users give the service 4.4/5 stars. The club facilities and value for money are rated 4.3/5 stars and the condition of the course 4.1/5 stars. Several users mention that it is a beautiful course, worth seeing and experiencing with your own eyes!

In 2022, 16,500 rounds of golf were played here with Golf GameBook. 

A pleasant experience and nice views.”

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