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Madrid – The Hidden Gem for Golfers

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Madrid, a city known for its vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, and iconic landmarks, hides a gem for golf lovers. Aside from being Spain’s heart for history and culture, Madrid shines as a hidden paradise for golfers looking for unique experiences on the green. The best times to enjoy Madrid’s golf scene are from mid-March to June and from September to mid-November, offering perfect conditions to play in pleasant weather.

While some of Madrid’s golf clubs are private, there are many excellent courses open for play. Esteemed venues like Golf Santander, La Herreria, La Dehesa, Centro Nacional, and El Encin not only provide challenging and well-maintained courses but also have a history of hosting significant events, including tournaments from the European and Challenge Tours. This year, Club de Golf La Dehesa is hosting the PGA Spain event, enhancing the prestige and charm of Madrid’s golf scene. Next week, we’ll tell you how you can play on this course at a great price.

Watch this amazing 1-minute video showcasing Madrid and all it has to offer to golfers:

Insider Tips and Expertise for Golf in Madrid

With green fees starting from just 50€, Madrid’s golf courses offer access to top-tier experiences, providing value for both seasoned golfers and those new to the sport. But the allure of Madrid’s golf scene isn’t just about the courses; it’s about the complete experience. In the forthcoming articles, we’ll dive into the best tips and tricks for golfing in Madrid, shared by Teemu Ruuska, CBO of Golf GameBook and Madrid resident since 2014, and Juan Salama, a professional golfer born and raised in Madrid.

Juan and Teemu’s expertise will extend beyond the golf courses, offering recommendations on where to stay, where to dine, and even how to enjoy a football match while in Madrid. Teemu, a long-time Atletico Madrid member, will offer insider tips for securing football tickets with ease, enhancing your stay in Madrid.

This exploration of Madrid’s vibrant golf scene is brought to you in collaboration with Greater Madrid Golf, showcasing the exceptional golfing opportunities Madrid has to offer to the world. Their mission aligns perfectly with our goal to illuminate the rich golf experiences available in this lively city.


For those eager to start planning their golfing adventure in Madrid, visiting is a great starting point. The website offers a user-friendly platform to explore available tee times, so you can seamlessly fit in a round of golf into your Madrid itinerary.

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