Future of golf

It’s The Open Week!

We at Golf GameBook couldn’t be prouder teaming up with The Open for the second year in a row.

More Game to the game of golf

  Spring is finally here and for us golfers that means one thing. Child-like excitement! Am I right? Depending on where you live, you might have hit the courses already by now, but for some of us, we’re still waiting for fairways and greens to turn deliciously green and juicy. You know what I mean…

Bye bye 2020 – and hello 2021!

Dear Golf GameBookers, In 2020 golf got bigger and so did Golf GameBook! Now it’s time to wrap up 2020 and also take a quick look at the season ahead. Last year we doubled the number of played rounds as well as active users on Golf GameBook. Thanks to all of you for your activeness…

2019 Wrap Up – and What’s New for 2020

Dear Golf GameBookers, It’s time to wrap up the amazing golf season 2019. For Golf GameBook it was a year of growth, renewal and a bunch of great new features. During the past few years we have rebuilt the whole app “under the hood”. It means it’s now faster, saving more of your battery and…