Digital ecosystem like no other

We want golf associations to manage and grow the game with the most effective digital tools available on the market.

Golf GameBook has been pioneering in the digitalisation of golf since 2007. Our suite of digital solutions meet the upcoming World Handicap System requirements. We offer the tools and guidance necessary to make a smooth transition from your current handicap system to WHS.

World Handicap System for 2020

As an integral part of our Central Database technology, Golf GameBook Office includes WHS software to support the needs of your golf association, member clubs and registered golfers.

Central Database and Open Ecosystem

Use modern online tools to manage your central data registry of all club, course, player and handicap information. Supported by an open ecosystem (API) for 3rd parties to connect with.

Digital Handicap Card and Scoring

Issue digital membership and handicap cards with effective communication and promotional tools. Includes a digital scoring platform for handicap rounds with many innovative engagement opportunities to connect your golf community.

With Golf GameBook your golf association has the ability to engage with an active golf audience, drive new revenue and organise innovative competitions using the most modern technology available in the golf industry.

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