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Happy Holidays!

Christmas time is here again and we are approaching the end of year 2013. For us here at GameBook it has been a pretty great year. Our community of golfers has kept growing and we’ve had the pleasure to be involved in some big events around the world as well as form some new partnerships….

Game Formats on GameBook, part 2 – Let’s team up!

In addition to the individually played classic game formats (introduced in part one of this series) GameBook also offers a variety of game formats for teams. While golf is an individual sport – without a question – golf is also very social. And every once in a while it’s good to have somebody else to…

Are You a Birdie Commander?

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We just released our latest iOS update for iPhone / iPad and there’s so cool new feature available you definitely will enjoy: BADGES! […]

Game Formats on GameBook, part 1 – We call them the classics

As many of you might already know, GameBook originally started as a project of two Finnish golf professionals Kalle Väinölä and Mikko ”Mane” Manerus. They knew – just as well as anyone who has played for a long time – that golf can sometimes be hard. Very hard. Especially when you need to be keeping…

We are now working together with IMG

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We are happy to announce a partnership with the world’s leading sports, fashion and media company for worldwide management and marketing representation – IMG. […]

GameBook 24/7 Challenge – Announcing new winners and new prizes in Canada

GameBook 24/7 competition concept has been introduced to both UK and Canada this season with great results. In addition to these 10-week long contests, the 24/7 competition called Audi A3 Challenge has been going on in Finland all summer and still continues for as long as the golf season lasts. The UK contest ends this…

Beginner’s Guide to GameBook, part 5 – There’s no going back

I have been using GameBook for about a month and a half now and I’ve had it with me on every single round of golf I’ve played during this time. Last week I started to wonder what it felt like to play without GameBook, using just the good old method of pen and paper for…

Beginner’s Guide to GameBook, part 4 – The Universe of GameBook

I finally got to go back out there and play some golf this week and it was great! I didn’t play a whole lot better than previously, but the weather was really nice. The fall is definitely coming and lately it has been raining a lot here in Finland, so I really enjoyed the sunshine…

Beginner’s Guide to GameBook, part 3 – Socializing

Since my last post here I’ve gotten the flu and haven’t been able to play golf for a while. Luckily GameBook can be enjoyed outside of the golf course as well. It has saved my days when I’ve been trying to recover under the covers. Lately I’ve been hanging out on the online service, but…

Golf GameBook 24/7 Challenge goes Canada

Golf GameBook 24/7 Challenge starts today in Canada. Our friends in the UK have been enjoying the biggest competition ever played in their country for almost six weeks already. And now it’s Canada’s turn. Canadian golfers are welcome to participate and the competition is completely free of charge. The only requirement is that you play golf…