Challenge Accepted

Level up your game

When the traditional game formats won’t cut it, we have the prescription you need. Challenges is a fun and new way to level up your game. Pick and choose the challenges you want to join and simply go and play golf, we do the rest for you.

Ready set go

You can find available challenges through the Challenges Section in our application. Navigate through various challenges and choose the ones you think you can beat. New Challenges are introduced frequently and they span across different skill levels and areas of the game.

Look ma, I’m leading

A Challenge would be nothing without a leaderboard. See how you stack against your Friends and the rest of the Golf GameBook members. Climb the leaderboard and see when you earned bragging rights.


Complete the challenge and let the fireworks begin! See how many you can achieve and start making space in your trophy room.

How to join


1. Open Challenges -section from the bottom bar next to the ‘Play Golf’ button

2. Click Join to participate