maaliskuu 26, 2018 - Johannes Vähätalo

Dev. updates 8.000

Dear GameBook Members,

We are thrilled to bring you the first major update of the year. The 8.000 release will add plenty of flavor to your GameBook experience and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

We are presenting two brand new features that we believe will truly enhance your golf experience. In our previous release (7.100) we changed the logic of how relationships are created and managed within Golf GameBook. These changes laid the foundations for these new features we have been working in the background.

We wanted to improve how golfers can connect with the people they meet on the golf course and how golf groups can set up their games with ease. We also wanted to challenge our members and bring a new element to the game to keep up the excitement.

Chat & Groups

Keep up with friends or plan your next games & golf trips with your buddy groups. With the new Chat feature you can connect with the people you meet on the golf course, even if you don’t have their phone number. You can create both One-to-One or multi-person group conversations with people you are friends with. Creating groups will also help you in setting up your game. When you create a new game, you can now easily add players to the game directly from your conversation group. We believe this to be extreme useful for people who often play with the same group of players.

We also created a widget called ‘The Chat Bubble’ that allows you to easily access your conversations no matter where you are in the app. This bubble will automatically appear when you receive a new message and you can move it around on the screen or hide it entirely. Read more


We thought of ways to make playing golf with GameBook even more exciting and we think we may have discovered just that. Challenges is a new and fun way to spice up your round of golf.
From the Challenges -section you will find different types of challenges that you can join. These challenges may vary from hunting birdies or breaking 100 to hitting fairways x amount of times. Each challenge will be available for a period of time and we will be releasing new challenges frequently. You can compete with your friends or see how you match up with the rest of the Golf GameBook members, or simply just enjoy challenging yourself! Read more

Quick statistics to your Home page

Home screen just got a new tweak! We wanted to give you a chance to get a quick overview of your statistics that you can access easily when you open the app. Therefore we are now introducing the new header bar that will display your Membership status, key statistics and your latest round information.

New languages

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on enabling the capability to translate our application to other languages. We have tested this feature with two very close languages for us; Finnish and Swedish which are now available for choosing. There are still a few things we need to tackle before the translation process is complete, but once we have everything sorted out we will start looking at adding new languages to our roster. Leave us a comment if you want to give us a helping hand in translating our app to your language!

Other tweaks and fixes

  • Fixed issues with Join codes & View codes


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