UI/UX Designer

We love golf. We love technology. We love the crossroads where these two elements come together. We’re for golfers and our ultimate ambition is to enable people to experience golf like never before.

Golf GameBook is now in search of a seasoned Unity UI/UX designer, that can help us avoid some water hazards, stay away from OB signs and have a strong 9-hole finish on a tournament Sunday.

The Job

As a seasoned Unity user interface and user experience designer, you are an important part of our product development team. Day to day work will involve creative ideation, design and implementation of the visuals and usability, user experience testing and analysis, and optimizing the implementation with other professionals in the team.



  • Broad experience and profound knowledge on Unity3D development platform for mobile application development

  • Visual design

  • Ability to create polished and pleasing layouts with well-crafted and and refined screens from wireframes.

  • Ability to use colors, typography, shapes, etc. according to an specific purpose rather than intuitions or personal tastes.

  • Interaction design

  • Ability to design intuitive flows and interactions, achieving the easier way to go from “A” to point “B” in each screen.

  • Ability to describe any interface behavior as a result of the user actions.

  • Product thinking

  • Ability to define the business problem or business opportunity, the target audience and a work hypothesis to test.

  • Ability to define the success metrics and the product/feature goal or their benefits.
    User thinking

  • User thinking

  • Ability to understand how users behave, how they think and what are their actions, thoughts, feelings, motivations and needs.

Considered as an advantage

  • Of course, knowledge on golf is considered as an advantage.

We could offer you

  • A full-time employment

  • A great working environment at our headquarters in Espoo, Finland

  • An excellent opportunity to develop and progress professionally

  • A unique possibility to work in a golf related environment

Other Info

Headquartered in the Digital Home of Golf – Espoo, Finland. Our mission is to help our users to Experience Golf Like Never Before. It’s a clubhouse in your pocket and it’s made for everyone from beginners to hardcore golfers.

What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate, send your application to careers@golfgamebook.com with subject line: Unity UI/UX Developer. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found, so make sure to act quickly!