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Gold Membership
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The Fun Doesn’t Stop Here

Gold Membership is filled with advanced features that makes the game even more fun

  • Simulator Rounds
  • Contests
  • Hole Statistics
  • Notes
  • Compare Statistics
  • Add unregistered players
  • Enhanced filters
  • New features soon

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4.8 / 5 Rating in App Store

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Gold Membership

New feature: Simulator Rounds!

Wanna use Golf GameBook when playing indoors in a golf simulator? It’s possible with Gold Membership!

Simulator rounds are collected separate from your regular golf rounds and therefore won’t affect your statistics or mess up your list of played courses. Enjoy all of our Game Formats and Multi group Leaderboards also when playing indoors!

Why not invite your friends from another country to play with you?

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You’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions about the Gold Membership

The prizes vary depending on the local taxes. But nevertheless, the Gold Membership doesn’t add up much to your monthly expense: the most popular subscription is for 12 months and it’s 3,33€ per month, which makes only 39,99€ for the entire year! And of course you can first try it out for 14 days for free.

Gold Membership is by far the best solution when you’re playing with a lot of friends!

You can add multiple groups and unleash all the group game formats, like Irish Rumble, and easily follow the live leaderboards for the entire group. Do you like to organize little tournaments for your friends and add special contests like Closest to pin or Longest drive, and not spend time for the after maths? If so, Gold Membership is you best buddy.