Golf GameBook Launches Golf Swing Card 

Powered by the Swing Index, Golf GameBook Swing Card provides 2 Way Swing Analysis connected to Golf GameBook Scorecard and Statistics 

Espoo, Finland (August 11, 2020) – Golf GameBook announced the launch of the Golf GameBook Swing Card powered by the Swing Index, the world’s leading game improvement technology that enables golfers to improve their golf game and lower their scores. The Golf GameBook Swing Card is the industry’s 1st interactive coaching technology that is directly connected to your Golf GameBook digital scorecard and your statistics. After activating the Golf GameBook Swing Card, you define your goals (such as Lowering your Handicap, Improve Driving Distance) and then send in your golf Swings from your phone where a world-class teaching pro will personally analyze 21 elements of your golf swing and provide a 2-way personal roadmap. Your coach personally annotates your swing and provides personal feedback on your swing and the drills you need to see rapid improvement. Then as you return your improved swings back to your coach he is connected to your Golf GameBook scores and statistics, creating the most immersive and personal coaching experience in the industry today.

Mikko Manerus, CEO of GameBook remarked, “When you improve someone’s golf swing, golf becomes more enjoyable and people play more. Connecting the Swing Index to Golf GameBook enables completely new golf analytics and digital instruction experience to make that happen. Players now can experience personal two-way access to world-class teaching pros, no matter where or when they want to do so. With direct access through their mobile device, this kind of personalized analytics and digital instruction has never been seen until now.”

Arto Joensuu, COO for GameBook, remarked, “Golf Gamebook users track the 4 key metrics from their playing round including Driving Accuracy, Greens Hit (GIR), Scrambling and Putting.  Partnering with the Swing Index enables players to improve these key metrics by sending in swings, from anywhere and at any time using their mobile phone, for analysis and a personalized step by step game improvement roadmap from a world-class teaching professional.”

Rick Geritz, CEO of SwingAI the company behind the Swing Index stated “The Swing Index has achieved a 99.3% game improvement success rating, Once a player is shown their Primary Swing Fault and the correct steps to fix it, the performance of the player dramatically improves.”

Players can activate their Golf GameBook Swing Card HERE.


About Golf GameBook

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Golf GameBook has been making golf more fun since its inception in 2010. It is the digital scorecard that gives you a gallery of fans every time you’re on the golf course and a diary to store your golf memories – like a clubhouse in your pocket. Supporting 25 different game formats and extensive statistics on your personal game, Golf GameBook is the most effective and social way to keep score in golf, allowing golfers to connect and share live results, comments, photos and videos -no matter where they are, on and off the golf course. The Golf GameBook app is free to download for both iOS and Android.

About Swing Index

Swing Index is the world’s leading remote coaching platform and was launched in 2019 with partnerships with The European Tour, and Adam Scott providing golfers worldwide an AI-driven two-way, on-demand golf instruction experience powered by the world’s top golf instructors, anytime anywhere. The Swing Index is featured on TV broadcasts and used at Pro-Ams and events worldwide and used by leading companies like Dell, SAP, RBC, Grant Thorton, SnowFlake to provide their clients an experience that improves the enjoyment of the game.


Media Contact Information

Golf GameBook: Mikko Manerus / Founder & CEO, Golf GameBook / +358 40 830 6574 / mikko.manerus(a)

Swing Index:  Rick Geritz / Chief Executive Officer, SwingAi / +1 443 538 5364 / rick(a)