Swing. Learn. Improve.

Golf GameBook Swing Card – A world-class teaching pro always in your pocket.


What is Golf GameBook Swing Card?

Golf GameBook Swing Card gives you access to Swing Index, which is an on-demand mobile golf swing app that uniquely delivers a two-way personalized, golf lesson on the range, or on the course.

You can improve your game on four different areas; Greens in regulation, Driving distance, Scrambling and Putting.

First a world-class teaching pro personally analyzes 21 elements of your swing that are summarized in your Swing Index score. SwingAI produces a Personal Learning Roadmap, Swing Index Rating and Lesson plan to correct your primary swing fault.

Your personal coach will also connect with you on Golf GameBook and has access to your statistics and scores which are used to analyze the strenghts and weaknesses in your game.

What’s included

  • A world-class teaching pro as your personal swing coach for the year
  • Swing Index – Scores your current swing in 21 categories
  • Personal Swing Roadmap
  • Handicap challenge – set your target handicap and see how you can achieve it
  • Four coaching modules (GIR, Driving distance, Putting & Scrambling)
  • Upload on avg. 10 swings for review
  • Golf GameBook stats and scores connected to your coach
  • Swing IQ Weekly update


Activate Swing Card

“Having the ability to have instant two-way access to a digital coach, makes Swing Index the best investment I have ever made in golf.”

Eric Kohr, Columbus, Ohio

“Improving in golf begins with understanding what you need to improve. The Swing Index is essential for any golfer wanting to understand why they are inconsistent and can’t pass a certain level. It provides me with a detailed and personal roadmap of where my swing needs to go and how much potential I have as a golfer.”

Paul Navarro, Rehoboth Beach Delaware

“The Swing Index is the health record of your golf swing. Once you understand your swing, it allows you to move to a whole other level.”

Mark Grovic, Washington DC

“I love this concept as I need discipline in my golf practice. This app breaks my swing down and starts with the fundamentals and I love that I can’t progress unless I demonstrate success in the stage I’m in.”

Beth Wiz