Talk Like Never Before

Staying in touch with your golf mentor, arch rival or golfing buddies just got easier than ever before.

Private Chat

Whether it’s that amazing golf story you couldn’t wait to share or a simple one liner of trash talk to your arch rival after a missed birdie putt, GameBook now enables you to have private discussions with your fellow members on GameBook. Simply get started by adding your friend and let the conversations begin.

Chat Bubble

Quick access through our new Chat widget keeps the conversation going at all times. In case it starts to affect your eagle putts, you have the option to close or shut it down. Move it around and place it where you want, it’s up to you. It will show up when you get new messages. We like to call it the “free drop feature”.

Groups for everyone

This is where the true magic happens. You can now easily create groups and organize games for all the golf related groups you are a part of. Whether it’s about arranging the weekly games for your golf group, getting swing tips from your club pro or arranging that annual buddy group trip, the new groups feature has you covered.

Game Setup

The groups you are a part of walk hand in hand with our overall game setup process. We would like to call this a match made in heaven, but it was actually crafted in the dark woods of Finland by our team of developers. A separate tab shows you the groups you are a part of and you can now easily choose which players you would like to add to your game.

Get started Today!

Group & Chat features are available from version 8.000 onwards