One month membership to BWM PEGO GARDEN
Gold Members get a one-month membership to BMW PEGO GARDEN at the discounted price of 129€. Normal price 149€. As a BMW PEGO GARDEN member, you can reserve Trackman, GCQuad and FlightScope simulators for one month for a one-off fee. In addition, you have access to Golf Gym and BMW Lounge. For more info about the Garden membership, please visit https://pego.fi/pego-garden
Valid: End of May 2023
Free Callaway fitting for Gold Members
You can choose between 30 min, 60 min or 90 min fittings. In 30 minutes there is time to fit one club. We recommend 60 minutes for iron sets and wedges and 90 minutes for the whole bag.
Valid: End of May 2023