Creating Games in Online Game Manager has been disabled

New Tournament Manager service has been launched and it will replace the old Online Game Manager.

During the last couple of years, we have been building a brand new tournament management system under the hood, called Tournament Manager.

Since we have launched this totally new tournament service, we’re shutting down the old Online Game Manager. It’s the number one priority for us at Golf GameBook to offer world class scoring and leaderboards with some social twist. This has also been the focus in our Tournament Manager development.

As a part of disabling Online Game Manager, we will also shut down the GGB Online website. If you have been using Online for making changes to your GGB profile etc, in the future you can do this directly in the Golf GameBook mobile application.

Unfortunately due to this change Reds vs. Blues and and Multi round games won’t be available in the coming weeks. These features will be launched in Tournament Manager during May and June.

  • Planning to make a multi group event? You can create those quickly in the Golf GameBook App! Setting up a game in the app has undergone a big facelift and creating larger multi group games is now really simple and easy.
  • If you’re planning to make bigger events, please contact and you can purchase events for 50 euros per event OR have a trial package for 400 euros including 10 events + tour + ranking features. Please note that these are B2C prices. Please visit Golf GameBook for events for B2B information.
  • If you’re planning to organise multi round or reds vs blues events. These game formats will be launched in Tournament Manager during  June.

Please note that these changes won’t affect the use of the Golf GameBook mobile application. If you have any questions regarding setting up games with Golf GameBook, please feel free to contact our support team.

The most effective way to manage golf tournaments

Golf GameBook Tournament Manager offers a new and innovative way to set up and manage golf tournaments from invitations to thank you notes.

Golf GameBook app provides a simple scoring experience for players. No need to use paper scorecards anymore.

It’s easy, fast & fully digital!

Easy to use and saves time on tournament administration

  • Set up and manage events directly from the online Tournament Manager service
  • Players sign up from the custom tournament website and answer event specific questions created by you
  • Finalise pairings and publish the start list
  • One player from each group uses the Golf GameBook app for entering scores
  • Follow real-time scoring and live leaderboards just like in professional tournaments
  • Set up Longest Drive & Closest to Pin contests also digitally

Added value for corporate days and brands

  • Sponsors and partners can be presented to players & followers in style
  • Make your tournament website look good with logos and pictures
  • Place ads and sponsor logos on Golf GameBook app
  • Stay in touch with players before and during the tournament
  • Follow up with an event summary page with final results and pictures taken during the event


Club Championship

October 2020

Links Golf Club


Corporate Day

October 2020

Vanajanlinna Golf & CC


The Golf Tour

Summer 2020

South of Finland


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