Online Game Manager has been permanently disabled

GGB Online website with Online Game Manager is gone for good and everything goes through Golf GameBook mobile app. The app has been improved to include nearly all the functionality that could be found in the old Online GM.

What can and cannot be done in the app?

All the functionality that was in the app is still there. Additionally, the app has been enhanced to deliver an even better user experience. In the list below we have divided some features to different categories based on the questions we get the most from you, our dear golfers.

Please notice that Tournament Manager is a separate service and not a part of the app.

Free App

Create Games with up to 4 Players

Basic Stats

Live Leaderboards

Join Challenges

Edit Profile

GPS Functionality

Social Features

Gold Membership

All the Free Features

Create Multi Group Games

Advanced Stats

Add Unregistered Players

Private Games

No Ads


GameBook Tournament Manager

Contests like Closest to Pin

Website Leaderboards

Multi Round Tournaments – READY

Reds vs. Blues – TBA

If you have any questions regarding the app, please contact us at!

Tournament Manager – our new service for professional style events

Tournament Manager is a comprehensive, modern service for creating and managing tournaments. Unlike the app that is targeted for individual users the Tournament Manager is designed for clubs, societies and other tour organizers. Tournament Manager is a separate, paid service and to access it you have to apply for a separate account. The pricing for this product starts from 50€ / tournament for B2C customers. A more affordable B2C oriented version will be launched in 2022.