Golf GameBook and PGA Spain Sign Agreement to Transform Pro-Am Events in 2024

MADRID, SPAIN, June 25, 2024 – Golf GameBook, the leading social, livescoring app for golf – like a clubhouse in your pocket, and the Association of Professional Golfers of Spain (PGA Spain), are pleased to announce the signing of a Collaboration Agreement for the 2024 season. This agreement, effective from June 1, 2024, promises to revolutionize the organization of PGA Spain’s Pro-Am events, offering a top-notch golfing experience to players and organizers.

A New Era for PGA Spain’s Pro-Am Events

With this agreement, Golf GameBook will provide its advanced technology for tournament management and live scoring, significantly enhancing the experience at Pro-Am events. The collaboration aims not only to modernize tournament infrastructure but also to provide a digital platform that facilitates participation and tracking.

Previous Events Have Been a Great Success

Golf GameBook and PGA Spain have already successfully teamed up in three Pro-Am events this year in Córdoba, Ciudad Real, and Bilbao, demonstrating the potential of this collaboration. Participants have enjoyed a smooth and enriched tournament experience, setting a precedent for future events. For more details on the Bilbao event, please visit:

Looking Ahead

This agreement marks the beginning of a long-term relationship between Golf GameBook and PGA Spain, with plans to extend the collaboration beyond 2024. Both organizations are excited about the mutual benefits this alliance will bring and are committed to taking professional golf in Spain to new heights.

Statement from Teemu Ruuska, CBO, Golf GameBook

“We are truly excited about this collaboration and see a great future with PGA Spain, which has been doing an exceptional job under the new presidency of Ander Martínez. With our state-of-the-art products, we are ready to help PGA Spain grow even further and offer the best possible experience for all players and spectators. As said, this is just the beginning, and we have big plans for the future.”

Statement from Ander Martínez, President of PGA Spain

“We are delighted to partner with Golf GameBook, a world-leading golf technology company. This collaboration will significantly improve the organization of our tournaments and offer our members an unparalleled golf experience. We are confident that together we will achieve great things and elevate the level of professional golf in Spain.”

Press Contact

Teemu Ruuska
Chief Business Officer
Golf GameBook

Victoria Martín
Pro Vocal PGA
PGA Spain

About Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook is the leading social, livescoring app for golf – like a clubhouse in your pocket. It is also a leading company in digital solutions for golf, providing innovative tools to enhance the game experience and tournament management.

About PGA Spain

The Association of Professional Golfers of Spain represents professional golfers in the country, organizing tournaments and promoting the development of professional golf.

For more information, visit: & www.pgaespañ