Golf GameBook Open – the largest digital golf tournament is here 

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN / HELSINKI, FINLAND – Golf tech frontrunner Golf GameBook has introduced a first of its kind, nationwide digital golf tour. The Golf GameBook Open will be played as a series of digital challenges, where participation is truly open for all Golf GameBook users and individual golf rounds can be played across any golf course in the country. 

“We have over 350 000 registered golfers across Sweden and Finland and the Golf GameBook Open will serve as the official club championship for all our virtual club members. By having players leverage our digital solutions to play their official HCP rounds, we can truly unleash a nationwide golf tour that is engaging, social and safe to all participants.” – says Mikko Manerus, CEO and co-founder of Golf GameBook.  

The road to ultimate bragging rights

The Golf GameBook Open will consist of a series of digital qualifying competitions, which can be played at any golf course in the country. Participation is open to Golf GameBook users across Sweden and Finland and the games will be played as official HCP rounds through the Golf GameBook application. Each qualifier will enable players to earn their spot to the grand finale, which will be played at the end of the season if overall health and safety measures allow this. 

Made possible by trusted partners

Golf GameBook has partnered with several well-known brands to make the Golf GameBook Open happen. We are excited to announce that Golf GameBook Open is sponsored in Finland by: Callaway Golf, Opel, Sports Car Center, Qvik and Linna Golf. In Sweden, the respective sponsor partners are: Callaway Golf, Sports Car Center, Indoor Golf Group, Qvik and Bro Hof Slott Golf Club. 

“Our partners will sponsor the Golf GameBook Open qualifiers and provide great prizes for the participants. Even during these challenging times, Golf GameBook provides a great way for brands to reach golfers in their native environment in innovative, engaging and above all, safe ways.” says Arto Joensuu, COO of Golf GameBook. 

How it works

The Golf GameBook Open will be available for all Golf GameBook registered users in Sweden and Finland. The Golf GameBook application is available on both iOS and Android and is free to download and use. 

There will be a total of four qualifying competitions, which will go live in the Golf GameBook application and players will have 4 weeks to participate in each qualifier. All participating rounds have to be played as official HCP rounds and will require a marker for the round. 

In order to play official HCP rounds, please make sure that you turn on the HCP feature at the start of your round and that you have synchronized your Golf GameBook application with the local golf federation/union. This can easily be done within the Golf GameBook application. 

Each qualifier will have 2 different leagues for different HCP categories. 10 players from each qualifier (5 from each league) will win a spot to the grand finale at the end of the season. The grand finale will be arranged, if health & safety measures allow this.

For more information, please visit and for further details. 

Media contact information:

Sweden: Lars Holmberg, Golf GameBook, Marketing Manager, lars.holmberg(a)

Finland: Juho Mahosenaho, Golf GameBook, Senior Manager, juho.mahosenaho(a)