Golf GameBook Welcomes PGA Tour Player Sami Välimäki as Global Ambassador

ESPOO, FINLAND, May 2, 2024 – Golf GameBook, a leading golf app with over 1.5 million users worldwide, proudly announces the signing of Finnish PGA Tour player Sami Välimäki as its new Global Ambassador. As the only Finnish player on the PGA Tour and one of the sport’s most promising talents, Välimäki will also be the face of Golf GameBook’s Junior Program in Finland.

With a decade of personal use and experience, Sami Välimäki has been an avid user and supporter of Golf GameBook, which he considers the best golf app for himself and his peers.

“I’ve been using Golf GameBook since 2014. It’s fantastic to track my friends’ games through the app, even while I’m touring globally. Now, my friends and fans can follow my season more closely via Golf GameBook,” says Välimäki.

Välimäki is excited to contribute to the flourishing Golf GameBook Junior Program in Finland:

“It’s great to be part of enabling this and giving back to the sport. We will engage young players through exciting content and various challenges during the season,” he added.

As a Global Ambassador, Sami Välimäki will play a key role in promoting Golf GameBook, which aims to enhance the golfing experience by connecting players around the world through its innovative platforms.

“Sami is primarily a fantastic example for young people both on and off the field. His global recognition has grown tremendously in recent years due to his excellent performances. We see huge potential in Sami not only as a player but also as a key figure in developing the sport and driving the growth of Golf GameBook in Finland and internationally.” – Mikko Manerus, CEO & Founder of Golf GameBook.