Product Updates

On this page we will be updating Tournament Manager’s new features every month.

March – April 2022

  • Send automatic emails to players from Tournament Manager: Let players know when start list is published by sending them email directly from the start list. You can also add a note to the email message (March 10th)
  • Improvements to team entries and sign up: After this release, you can have reserve list also in team games (Estimate April 5th)
  • Improvements to print-outs 
  • New and improved admin tools
    • Grouping and sorting tournaments in the tournament list (Estimate April 14th)
  • New features to weekly events (Estimate April 14th)
    • Add side game
    • Add tie break
  • Improvements to printouts (Estimate end of April)
    • Improvements to start lists and results
    • New prints: Cart signs
  • Set max handicap index for a tournament (Estimate April 14th)
  • Fix to am/pm bug (Estimate April 14th)
  • Ability to modify ranking points in a preview window when sending the points in the Results and Options section

February 2022

  • Copy tournaments: Tournament settings, Tournament Site settings + branding, Players and Groups and Start list (1.2.2022)
  • Manual divisions: Until now we have had only automatic divisions in place (based on age, gender and HCP). Now you can also create manual divisions. Players can either sign up to a division or the admin can add a player to a certain division. (28.2.2022)
  • Start list from cumulative leaderboard: New option to fill start list in multi round events; create start list from reversed leaderboard order. (28.2.2022)
  • Improvements to hidden holes: After you have ended the round, you can release the hidden holes by Publishing the scores. You don’t need to go back to round setup and remove the hidden holes (28.2.2022)

January 2022

  • Internal notes: Tournaments → Settings → Add internal notes. These are only visible to tournament admins
  • Remove all players: Ability to remove all players from the tournament at the same time
  • Create empty teams: As we have in Groups&Start list, now you can create empty teams based on total number of players and default team size. After this you can drag and drop players into the right teams. In addition, you can automatically fill the teams.
  • Some bug fixes and UX improvements here and there


  • New Tournament Manager was released and during the year we introduced single round (individual and team), multi round (individual and team) and weekly tournaments
  • During the year we had more than 20 releases and we introduced new features and also made improvements to existing ones. Please see the short video below to get a basic understanding of the product.