The RGV Tour 2.0

The last course has been played, and the World Record is now finally set at 580 different 18-hole golf courses in 365 days. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of The RGV Tour 2.0.
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116 Complete
Golf Courses Played
81.6 Complete
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For The Next Generation Of Golfers

First Tee is a 501 nonprofit organization that teaches children life skills, self-confidence, and resilience through golf lessons.

What is The RGV Tour 2.0?

One Golfer – Patrick Koenig

Patrick Koenig is a true golf-enthusiast and photographer from California. He quit his day job in 2018 to pursue his dream to play golf and capture amazing people, places and moments while doing it. By now his photographs have been featured on GOLF, Golf Digest, The Golfer’s Journal and many other publications.

Patrick loves having fun on the course and doesn’t take the sport too seriously. He’s an explorer and constantly on the go, so no doubt, you’ll get hooked on his content like the rest of his +100k followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.


Chase your dreams

For Patrick, 2018 was the year of making dreams come true. He drove across the United States with an RV, played golf in 47 states, played 405 golf courses and raised $20,000 for charity. The first RGV Tour was a huge success and created a movement in the golf community.

But when you cross one thing off your bucket list new dreams arise. Now almost four years after the final putt of the RGV Tour was holed in 2019 it’s time to get wheels spinning again and take the RGV Tour to a whole new level: The RGV Tour 2.0 is ready to kick off and it’s time to make history!

How To Participate

Want to be a part of this journey? Invite Patrick to play at your club or with you.

The RGV Tour 2.0 Golf Parties

Experiencing the famous RGV Tour Golf Parties like never before – for a great cause

One month, one event

The RGV Tour 2.0 will be throwing Golf Parties 12 times next year.

For who?

You might spot some familiar and famous faces. Event is invitation only, but that doesn't stop you to joining the #golfparty mood!

Tournament Manager

Amazing tournament experience for the players with Golf GameBook Tournament Manager.

Fundraiser for charity

We're having fun for a cause, of course.