Gold Membership

Introducing the new Golf GameBook with Gold Membership.



Private Game

The highly anticipated Private Game mode is finally here! This new feature allows you to set your entire game into stealth mode. Whether you’re playing alone or with a group of friends, stats from the round will still be recorded and accessible, but no one outside your group will see what you don’t want them to –even if it’s your better half who thinks you’re at an after-work meeting rather than on the golf course.

Improved Statistics

Our enhanced statistics will help you give your game a facelift. As we all know, it really starts from the short game: sand saves, up and downs, greens in regulation, penalties and putts. It’s now easier than ever to see where you can make improvements to your game… or where that breakfast ball or mulligan might come in handy, if that’s an option.

Sand shots, Chip shots & Penalties

To enable enhanced statistics, you can now enter your total sand shots, chip shots as well as penalties for any given hole. They won’t cure your slice but they’ll definitely shed light to where it all falls apart (or not). Just don’t kill the messenger.

Just Golf, No ads

Our advertising partners enable the free version of Golf GameBook. Gold Memberships are equipped with enhanced capability of controlling what advertisements you’re exposed to. All profits from Golf Membership subscriptions will go directly into funding additional features for our users.

Here’s how you can get started:


1. Update or Download Golf GameBook for iOS or Android.


2. Hit the left top menu button


3. Select Gold Membership and hit subscribe

What are you waiting for? Time to update or download the latest version of Golf GameBook and get started.