Golf GameBook has partnered with the European Tour to create a Ryder Cup fan game. Ahead of this year’s Ryder Cup, members will be able to re-live iconic Ryder Cup moments with a new match play format in the Ryder Cup fan game.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, AUGUST 1, 2018 –Golf GameBook and the European Tour have continued their on-going partnership through the introduction of the Ryder Cup fan game. The game is due to launch in early August, enabling fans across the world to re-live iconic Ryder Cup matches by putting themselves at the heart of the action.

Matches will be completed on the Golf GameBook application, where users can participate in Ryder Cup-themed challenges, and can choose to play for either Europe or the U.S.A. As part of the European Tour’s build-up to the 2018 Ryder Cup players can re-live historic Ryder Cup matches that went down to the last hole. Golf fans across the world can play their own round of golf and try to beat the score posted by the professional during the Ryder Cup match.

“Throughout the years, The Ryder Cup has served as a stage for some fantastic golfing moments. We love the idea of a platform that allows us not just to relive those moments, but to let our fans actually immerse themselves in them.” – says Tom Johnson, Head of Marketing, European Tour.

“The Ryder Cup fan game is a continuation to the on-going partnership between the European Tour and Golf GameBook. Our previous, co-created fan game Your Race to Dubai, was an immediate success with over 500,000 unique challenges played against European Tour professionals. We are continuing to build on that technology to enable fans across the world to re-live classic Ryder Cup moments by going head to head against legendary Ryder Cup players” – says Mikko Manerus, Founder and CEO of Golf GameBook.


How it works

  1. Using the Golf GameBook app, fans can participate in regular Ryder Cup-themed challenges, where they can play for either Europe or the U.S.A and challenge the scores posted by the professionals in a selected Ryder Cup match. We’ve picked iconic matches from Ryder Cup history, that went down to the 18th
  2. After choosing the team they want to play for, a match play game is created within the Golf GameBook application. The fans then play an 18-hole round of golf on any given golf course, with their own handicap and enter their respective hole by hole scores into the app.
  3. Using the app on either iOS or Android, the fan can then watch the match unfold until a new outcome to the match is defined.


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