July 17, 2012 - Golf GameBook

Another Legendary Golf Moment

Kalle Väinölä, CEO and Co-Founder of GameBook, in front of our “Memorable moments wall”. Jack Nicklaus just behind Kalle’s neck…


In the GameBook office we have a nice photo wall of the many great golf professionals and the real golf legends that some of my colleagues have had an honor to meet.

Speaking of legendary persons brings the topic of legendary golf events into my mind. Especially the classic, the Ryder Cup. During my professional golf career one of my biggest dreams was always to be part of the Ryder Cup Team. But I didn’t make it, that time. Since then I have been dreaming to do something very special. And now my GameBook Team and I can proudly announce the first Golf GameBook Cup, the largest ever arranged USA vs. Europe match. In the spirit and for honor of the original Ryder Cup.

The mission of my company, Golf GameBook, is be one of the forces that develop the game we love to be more social.

Golf deserves to be even bigger sport it is and I believe that it requires that we need to change. The change that is now needed is good for every golfer:  Golf is going digital and the tournaments will be global.

From that perspective 30th of July (and the following six weeks) are special for me, and hopefully for many golfers in the USA and in Europe. This first global Golf GameBook Cup is open to all golfers in these two continents and I believe that it is going be great fun.

On July 30th I will tee off very early in the morning in order to be one of the first players to join the historic match. I am more than honored to be part of the European Team.

Finally, I do hope that you join me and invite your friends to join the Team, Team Europe or Team USA!



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