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Hurricane Sandy Watered Down Our Second College Tournament

Hurricane Sandy pounded the beaches near Wilmington, NC with dangerous tides.

In recent days we have read sad news about Hurricane Sandy and how it has destroyed New York area among others and caused extensive damage in the east coast of United States.

We were on the east coast area too but got home from there luckily before the storm reached to the extreme level. Even though our flight weren’t cancelled from Raleigh to Atlanta like many other flights on that day we still got some hits by Hurricane Sandy in another way before. Luckily not any bad ones.

Last time I wrote that Golf GameBook got chance to provide live scoring in Women’s college tournament too after our successful launch in the men’s college tournament, The United Stated Collegiate Championship. So we continued our trip from Atlanta, Gerogia straight to the Montgomery Airport, flew to Raleigh, North Carolina, rent a massive, true American style car and drove to the costal city Wilmington and to the tournament called The Landfall Tradition.

Setting up the phones at The Country Club of Landfall on the first morning of The Landfall Tradition.

Our mobile live scoring system worked very well again and we were able to prove the second time how much an extra value GameBook is bringing to the college tournaments.  Spectators were spellbound and understood immediately the added value. But there’s room for improvement too. I realised one misunderstanding.

Most of the people who followed the tournament during the USCC and The Landfall Tradition via GameBook app didn’t realized right away they are able to use the app on their own golf rounds too. They thought GameBook is only an app for the events. As most of you knows that’s not the whole case friends 🙂

Anyway, difficulties began on the second day of the tournament. The old saying “you can’t fight against mother nature” proved to be true once again. The Weather Channel was on in every restaurant, cafeteria and golf club and News told that Hurricane was coming. A strong wind and heavy rain forced a stoppage of play midway through Round 2 the following day. Play never resumed at the Country Club of Landfall, which was pretty disappointing for us too, not to mention players, tournament staff and organizers as well as hard worked host UNCW. Story – Golfweek

However, teams were convinced enough and we received lots of questions if GameBook would organize tournament live scoring on tournament they will host too and we will do it gladly. So there’s more to come for sure, we live in interesting times right now!

Anyhow I can promise we will never forget you golfers. No, our college format will bring more value for you too. For example a much-asked multiround feature. Now when it has been created it will soon come available for all golfers around the world 🙂

And that’s only a one small piece of its what’s coming. Stay tuned!


– Olli

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  1. James W says:

    Your college app was so cool! Can’t wait your next tournament! Was nice to meet you guys too and use your app!

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