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Moving On

Well, this wasn't a big suprise, but it's now officially official: Rory McIlory will play with Nike clubs next ten years.

Well, this wasn’t a big suprise, but it’s now officially official: Rory McIlory will play with Nike clubs next ten years.

Hey all! Long time no hear again, sorry for you who are always waiting our blog posts with mouth-watering. 😉 It was a bit difficult this time to invent a good title for this post as so much has been happening again!

Season 2013 has started already in the PGA Tour as well as in European Tour, Tiger & Rory are starting their season on tomorrow in Abu Dhabi and it’s now officially official that Rory McIlory is playing with Nike Golf’s equipments next years. His 10-year deal understood to be worth $250 million.

On the heels of Nike Golf’s major announcement in Abu Dhabi that Rory McIlroy has joined its athlete roster, Nike Golf also unveilied a new TV spot that features global sports icon Tiger Woods, along with McIlroy. Many of you already watched it probably, but in case you’ve missed it, take a look. It’s a great commercial in my opinion. And certainly not a cheapest one.

McIlroy is now in that envious position of being able to pick and choose when he will compete, as well as who he will make time for. He will cut down his schedule during 2013 but more intriguing than where the Northern Irishman appears will be his attitude when he does so. McIlroy shows wonderful maturity for one so young. He has also been amiable and approachable. It would be sad, therefore, if McIlroy were to become the kind of cut-off, monosyllabic character that Woods was moulded into from virtually the start of his career. McIlroy has already proved there is no need whatsoever to be that way and is admired for it. – The Guardian’s blog


Another big-class unveiling in Abu Dhabi related to Ryder Cup of course. Ireland’s Paul McGinley has been confirmed as the captain of the Ryder Cup Team Europe for the 2014 event at Gleneagles in Scotland. Well-earned job for former Vice Captain!

Major Breakthrough for Golf GameBook

Last month have been so called busy season for us too but lot of fun at the same time! Our app was the most downloaded sports app on Samsung Apps during the holiday season and that’s because of you guys. So once again, thank you for being such a loyal fans of Golf GameBook!

GameBook’s global popularity has growth fast during the last month. In mid-December GameBook climbed to first place on Samsung Apps Featured applications list globally, which was again one significant example of GameBook’s huge global potential: the position hasn’t been reached by any other golf app before. This top spot spawned great success as the number of Golf GameBook app users has increased exponentially.

GameBook has been the most downloaded sports app during the last month on Samsung Apps in over ten different countries (in the USA, United Kingdom, Sweden and South Africa) and inside the top 3 in almost 30 different countries.

In Australia GameBook’s iPhone app has climbed inside the top ten of the most downloaded sports app’s in the App Store and has stayed there since then. At the same time, GameBook has steadily moved up in the US App Store.

Clearly, word of mouth information is increasing every day. This works basically in the same way than it works in full golf industry: the same way when people share their experiences of equipments they are sharing their experiences of good golf applications. We have listened golfers views, opinions and feedback always carefully and developed our services to meet their needs.

The true beautify of this is that we can organize bigger and bigger events for the golfers around the world now. Think about it – how does it sounds that you could become a Winner of the global golf competition from the group of hundreds of thousands of golfers. Stay tuned, we’ve already planned some great events with great prizes for you guys. In a meanwhile, participate to our “Win Your Dream Driver” contest.

We are giving off a dream driver for two lucky golfers. One, who recored scores with GameBook app / GameBook Clubhouse in January and for one who aswered on our Facebook or Twitter page, which driver he / she would like to get.

Which one of these beauties you'd like to get? Play round of golf with GameBook in January or go to our Facebook / Twitter page and you might get it!

Which one of these beauties you’d like to get? Play round of golf with GameBook in January or go to our Facebook / Twitter page and you might get it!

Good Luck!

Take care,


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  1. Tim Goetzman says:

    GameBook for WP8.1?

    • Susanna Sarkki says:

      Hey Tim! Unfortunately, due to the low number of Windows phone users, we have decided to stop the development work and maintenance for the Windows phone version of the Golf GameBook app.
      You can still use our web services at golfgamebook.com and create new games with Game Manager. In connection with the game creation you will be provided with a link to our web app. With the web app you can still enter the scores in real-time with any smartphone that has internet connection.

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