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Our Advertising Offering

Our advertising offering consists of three different solutions: 1) Native solutions, 2) In-App Advertising and 3) Newsletters.

Different marketing objectives require different kind of tools and we have built solutions to fulfill all your advertisement needs. Whether you are looking for awareness, engagement or highly targeted activations based on behavioural data, we have the perfect solution for you!

Native solutions

Our native advertising solutions guarantee your brand premium visibility within Golf GameBook. These can be used to build your brand, launch a new product to market or run a special promotion. These advertisements provide the best visibility and engagement among our members.

Our native solutions include: Start-screen Advertisements, Post Hole Advertisements, Sponsored Challenges and Leaderboard sponsorship. Start-screen and Post hole Advertisements are interstitial ad units, that capture the full screen and attention of the users. Challenges are the perfect tool for driving engagement, arranging competitions for golfers and collecting leads for your sales team. With leaderboard sponsorship you can be part of the millions golf rounds played with Golf GameBook.

In-App Advertising

Our In-App Advertising platform is built to drive both awareness and traffic to your desired online destinations. Our ad placements are implemented in high traffic sections of our mobile application, which guarantees great visibility and reach to your advertisements.

Our inventory can be bought both programmatically or directly through us, if you are looking for guaranteed impressions. We also offer geographic targeting options for advertisers, for example advertising on specific countries, counties and cities.


Golf GameBook sends newsletters to our members typically once a month, with topics ranging from application updates, new Challenges and other service-related topics. Our newsletters are great channel for advertisers to reach active golfers, especially in Sweden & Finland. Our newsletters have over 85 000 subscribers in Sweden and 50 000 in Finland. For the newsletters, we offer editorial placement and banners for advertising partners.



Why Advertise to Golfers?

It is well documented that the game of golf attracts a high percentage of affluent and influential people to the sport, and as a result golf is seen by premium brands all over the world as an attractive audience to talk to. Combine this with the knowledge that our Users are super cool, tech savvy, active golfers that use GameBook to enhance both their on-course experience and off-course lifestyle; Golf GameBook becomes an exceptionally powerful medium for brands.

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