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What is Golf GameBook?

Golf GameBook is a premium live scoring app for golf, an integrated full social service, and the fastest growing online community of golfers in the world.  The app is available on both Android and iOS; and with over 500k Users globally, we have generated over 6M rounds of golf on over 30,000 of the world’s 35,000 golf courses.  Golfers use GameBook to score and record their games, generate statistics, build their community of golfing buddies, share their golfing memories, comment on their friends games and much more.



Why Advertise to Golfers?

It is well documented that the game of golf attracts a high percentage of affluent and influential people to the sport, and as a result golf is seen by premium brands all over the world as an attractive audience to talk to. Combine this with the knowledge that our Users are super cool, tech savvy, active golfers that use GameBook to enhance both their on-course experience and off-course lifestyle; Golf GameBook becomes an exceptionally powerful medium for brands.

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Programmatic In-App Advertising

Our in-app advertising (IAA) platform supports a variety of Ad formats in both standard and rich media formats, across the most optimum, high traffic sections of our service. Our inventory can be purchased though our demand-side platform (DSP) provider – Adform, in the real time-bidding (RTB) environment, and for more bespoke requests we can also establish exclusive deals. Optionally through the Data Management Platform (DMP) of our DSP provider (Adform), buyers can also purchase bespoke audiences that are more tailored to a brands target customer.



In-App Sponsorship

For brands that are looking to establish a deep more engaging relationship with golfers, our in-app sponsorship (IAS) product provides a range of branded premium placements within the app, as well as a variety of native advertising solutions such as e-newsletter and sponsored posts within GameBook’s social feed. IAS can be purchased directly with Golf GameBook across 3, 6, 9 and 12 month periods.

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