Golf in Spain
Golf in Spain
February 28, 2024 - Golf GameBook

Discover the Best Golf in Spain: Our Top Choices for Golf Lovers

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Golf in Spain is more than a game. It’s about enjoying the country’s rich history and beautiful sights.

Spain is known for its great golf courses. You can find amazing courses everywhere, from the sunny beaches in the south to the mountains in the north. Each place tells its own story and gives golfers a fun challenge and the joy of playing golf. When you play golf in Spain, you’re not just hitting a ball; you’re experiencing new adventures and stunning views that every golfer will love.

With Golfspain, start a trip where everything is set up for your enjoyment. They choose the best courses for you and make sure your trip is smooth. Golfspain is your trusted partner in putting together the perfect golf vacation.

Below we present five carefully picked golf packages in Spain from Golfspain. Choosing any of these will make your golf holiday not just fun, but exceptional. Remember, these packages can be customized. You can stay for as long as you like.

These packages show you that golf in Spain offers much more than you might expect:

1 night and 1 round of Golf at Parador Golf, Malaga

This course and hotel do not receive the attention they deserve. The magnificent and historic Parador hotel offers everything also for a longer stay. The golf course, on the other hand, located by the sea and completely flat, is very exceptional compared to the other golf courses of Costa Del Sol. Also, the immediate proximity to the Malaga airport makes this a great destination for the last days of a vacation but you will surely enjoy staying here for several nights if you wish. Read more

2 nights stay and 1 round of golf in Parador de El Saler, Valencia

Parador de El Saler in Valencia is a top spot for golf fans. The hotel is part of Parador, Spain’s most historic hotel chain, known for its unique locations and charm. Staying at the Parador de El Saler gives you a taste of Spain’s rich culture while you enjoy an outstanding golf experience. Read more

3 nights stay and 2 rounds of golf in Barceló Montecastillo, Cádiz

3-night package at the Barceló Montecastillo, an icon in the Jerez area. During your stay at this luxury resort, completely renovated in 2015, you can enjoy 2 days of golf on its wonderful 18-hole course. Read more

3 nights stay and 2 rounds of golf in Sol Marbella Estepona Atalaya, Estepona

On the Costa del Sol, on the shores of the Mediterranean and among large gardens, is the Sol Marbella Estepona Atalaya Park. Enjoy a getaway playing at Atalaya Old and Marbella Golf & Country Club. Read more

3 nights stay and 2 rounds of golf in Ona Mar Menor – Golf Resort & Spa, Murcia

3-night package at the Ona Mar Menor – Golf Resort & Spa, a 5-star hotel located in Torre Pacheco, Murcia. You can play at Mar Menor, Saurines & Hacienda Del Alamo during your stay. Read more

Writers Secret Pick: Isla de Valdecaña

This is a truly unique destination just within two hours from Madrid. It’s probably one of the best-kept hidden secrets in Spain. Read more

“Only 2 hours away from Madrid, Isla de Valdecañas is an experience that makes you say just ‘wow.’ When you arrive at the island, you’re asking yourself if this place is for real. Unfortunately, because of its controversial history and background, it hasn’t received the visibility and status it deserves. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something extraordinary, include this in your bucket list in Spain.”

– Teemu Ruuska, CBO, Golf GameBook, visited the Isla de Valdecañas several times.

Making Unforgettable Moments with Golfspain and Golf GameBook

When you play on these amazing golf courses in Spain, remember that with Golfspain and Golf GameBook, you’re not just taking a trip; you’re making memories that will last. Golf GameBook makes it better by keeping track of all your games, scores, photos, videos, and more. This way, every time you play becomes a special story that you can share.


Excited about exploring multiple golf courses in Spain? Create a Bucket List on Golf GameBook! Add the courses you can’t wait to play and watch your golf dreams come true, one green at a time. Eager to see how many you’ll check off? 😎 Also, don’t forget, Golf GameBook features thousands of course reviews from fellow golfers to help you pick your favorites.

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