November 22, 2012 - Golf GameBook

The Next Big Thing is Here!

We developed the World’s First Digital Golf Scorecard enabling official signing in close collaboration with Samsung. Looks good isn’t it?

Hi Guys! You have read Samsung Galaxy Note II’s ads’ tagline “The Next Big Thing Is Here” and “Be Creative”? Well, guess what? We did and now on the same is true in golf too – the next big thing really is here! Yesterday we were finally ready to publish one of our coolest new features, which is the result of our fruitful collaboration with Samsung.

We launched the World’s first digital golf scorecard enabling official signing. The Golf GameBook app utilizes the new functionalities of the Galaxy Note II’s S Pen that very precise – similar to an actual pen!

What are the advantages of this digital signing option? An electronic scorecard can now be signed in the same manner as the traditional paper scorecard, which can make it compatible with the official rules of golf. This is something unforeseen within the game of golf and opens many new possibilities.

Think about it for a while: how easy it can be that in the future when you can sign and send your scorecard straight to your club’s/caddiemaster’s office after your round by just one click. Your handicap will be updated automatically to the system, the tournament results are right in order and ready to be printed out and so on…

We have a good reason to call this a revolutionary feature.

Mobile phones are part of our every day life. It is natural that mobiles are coming into golf too. I dare to claim that smart phones are making golf more fun and more social, exactly in line with the idea of Golf 2.0.

Golf GameBook as one of few apps on Samsung S Suggest™ category

The view of pop-up window that comes automatically when you want to sign your digital scorecard.

At the same time Samsung also selected Golf GameBook to their global S Suggest applications category. The Samsung S Suggest tool detects the end-user’s interests and makes recommendations for suitable applications. For example if you visit some golf related website, your phone identifies you might be a keen of golfer and will recommend you to download the app. For free of course 🙂

S Suggest lets you discover apps directly from a live widget on the home screen. Instead of spending lots of time sorting through thousands of apps in the Google Play Store, Samsung has selected the apps that are right for you and your device. You can also discover apps that friends are using with Facebook integration.

Samsung wouldn’t have done this rich co-operation project with us if they didn’t  believe the global potential of Golf GameBook. Like Ludvig Yttergren, Content and Services Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Nordic said:

The apps we select for Samsung S Suggest must be developed to make people’s lives easier in a simple, fun and convenient way. Golf GameBook ticked all the boxes. We believe the app has great potential as keen golfers will notice that it enhances a round of golf by adding a whole new dimension to the experience.

Download Golf GameBook app for your Samsung phone from Samsung Apps now & leave your review too! We really appreciate it 🙂

GameBook’s founders Kalle & Mane with Galaxy Note phone and GameBook’s latest award as The Best Innovative Entertainment Service.

See you next time!

– Olli

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