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South African golfer Gary Player earned the nickname Mr. Fitness in the 1950s because of his impressive dedication to exercise. Photo: online.wjs.com

I got some souvenirs from The 2013 PGA Merchandise Show where GameBook’s team visited last weekend. Those souvenirs I’m talking about here are the latest golf magazines. In the latest issue of Golf World there’s a good column on page 15: “ A healthy message from the game.”

As we know, golf can be good for a person, not only for the long acknowledged break from the-real-world pace of mind, but for the sometimes overlooked physical health of the body, Golf World writes. I totally agree!

When speaking (read: marketing) about golf as a sport for the person who doesn’t play yet, we definitely should underline its proven health effect. Single handicappers sometimes forget that every people on the course are not there because they are trying to break par. Many of us are there for a variety of reasons: social, fun, keeping fit, and spends a unique quality time out there.

Great to note that professional tours and their sponsors have understood to bring that side of the game to the stage as well, even though professional tours are all about who will shoto the lowest score. For expample, couple of weeks ago in PGA Tour’s Humana Challenge there was a substantive Tuesday “Health Matters” conference.  The Wellness angle is a far cry from the days when cigarette manufacturers sponsored most of the tournaments and gave out free product samples there on the grounds. Phuuuh….!

The basis ofeffective golf swing is a good balance. Photo: Elite Golf Fitness Australia

The basis ofeffective golf swing is a good balance. Photo: Elite Golf Fitness Australia

The fact is that golf itself is more fun too when you’re taking care of your physical condition. Isn’t the main goal to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. Well, yeah, mostly. but, as writed, that’s not the end in itself for everybody. A rule of thumb for the amateur players, who just love to play golf, is that in more better physical condition you are, the more you can enjoy the game and reate a better chance to play better at the same time – in realtion to you own standards.

Listen Gary Player here. 77-year old golf legend said: “Get off your butt, and I’ll guarantee you’ll loose 30 pounds in one year.” Well said, gentleman! So, maybe the best and the easiest New Year’s resolution could be “I’ll promise to play at least 50 rounds of golf this year”. It’s not too late yet! I didn’t made any NY’s resolutions, but have worked out a little more, compared to previous months. And feeling now that my energy level are as top as is it can be. At the same time I’m sure that I’m going to survive through the golf season 2013. what it means, you can follow it through Golf GameBook Clubhouse. You’re free to send a friends invitation too if you like.

Oh, almost forgot… one wish I have: I have played courses where you’re forced to hire carts. To be honest I hate to play with cart. If walking would be encouraged where possible – ideally everywhere – golf would be even better game and golfers would be better off. Try it out: if you’re forced to hire cart, and will have caddie as well, let your caddie drive and focus to walk to the ball. There’s one very good NY’s resolution for all the golfers.

– Olli

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