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Post-Masters Thoughts – Aussie Winner, Finally!


Aussie golfer Adam Scott is The Masters Winner 2013!

Hi all! My eyes now weigh pounds but totally accept that, thanks to the Masters Tournament that ended last night with Adam Scott’s victory after the playoff. What a Masters it was! A true win-win race, no losers there! The playoff was a fight with a tiny margin, but I was more than happy to see Scott wearing the green jacket as the first Aussie golfer in tournament’s long history.

For years, he’s had the talent to win a major. I can still remember last year’s The Open like yesterday when watching Scott melting at my hotel room in Shanghai. More or less The Masters was Scott’s redemption! Nice guy finally finished first!

What truly touched me was the gentleman behavior by Angel Cabrera. After both hit top-class approach shots on the second playoff hole, Argentine gave Scott the thumbs up as they walked to the 10th fairway. That’s golf! Consider each other friends and have a lot of respect for each other while fighting for a major win.

The World #1 hasn’t won the US Masters in 11 years now. No major success for European either. Years have been running fast: last European won at the Augusta still is Spaniard Jose Maria Olazabal, who won his second green jacket back in 1999. The last Englishman won the green jacket was Sir Nick Faldo in ’96, and I guess needless to say but the previous World #1 to do it was Tiger Woods in 2002.

However, my opinion is that Tiger should have been disqualified because the famous drop case on Friday. Seemed that the one man is greater than golf in general. But case closed – Tiger played, finished 4th and that’s it. The fact is that Tiger was, once again, the biggest favorite to win this year’s Masters but failed to play a single round in 60’s second year in a row now.

Golf Season has Officially Started

Masters Tournament has traditionally been the time of year when golfers are really waking up from their hibernation. This, indeed reflected on Social Media but on the App Store and Google Play as well. See, many Golf apps climbed high on the rankings, GameBook right at the head with Masters Tournament’s official app.


Golf Goes Mobile – Faster and Harder than Ever!

We stayed inside top 5 the whole weekend on the US App Store and got numbers of new Gamebookers during the Masters weekend! Warmly welcome all new GameBook Memebers!

I am heading to Brighton on Thursday to start my golf season with couple of rounds links golf. That’s the golf I love! Too bad we don’t have too many pure link courses here in Finland, though there’s some good variations. Going to play Seaford Golf Club & Seaford Head Golf Course, looking forward to shoot some birdies after the long winter. I promise to take couple of nice pics there and wrote more about the trip when get back home.

I do not have to stay too long here, next links trip to the Home of Golf & couple of other courses in Fife area, Scotland, is waiting right behind the door.



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