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Introducing the free-to-enter Golf GameBook 24/7 Challenge in UK – The Biggest Ever Golf Contest for British Golfers!


Golf GameBook 24/7 Challenge UK – The Biggest Ever Golf Contest for British Golfers!

Great news for British golfers! In close cooperation with Callaway Golf Europe, Your Golf Travel and National Club Golfer Magazine, Golf GameBook introduced “GameBook 24/7 Challenge UK“, which is 10-week-long & free-to-enter golf tournament for every British golfers! So we can rightly say that this is the biggest golf contest ever organized in UK!

Partnering with equipment giant Callaway Golf and holiday specialist Your Golf Travel, prizes couldn’t get better! Your Golf Travel provides the grand prize, which is 4-ball at La Manga Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain. And Callaway is rewarding UK golfers with X hot driversOdyssey Versa Putters and HEX Black Tour Balls in every two weeks! Pretty cool, don’t you think?

How it works?

For those who are not familiar with rules yet, this is how it works: All you basically have to do is download a free Golf GameBook app and play full round (18 holes) of golf and keep your score with GameBook app – and you’re in! The more you play, the better chances of winning!

The winners of the bi-weekly competitions won’t be simply judged on the best scores. Golf GameBook has devised a ‘secret’ prize structure that will change from week-to-week, and could award on the most birdies in a round, most holes played to par, even putts per round.

The purpose of 24/7 is to give everyone a chance to win. You could post a great front 9 and scoop a prize, or go on a birdie blitz and win – I urge golfers just to take part. We want to make golf more exciting and fun and 24/7 will do just that.  Free to download, free to play – and absolutely more fun & exitement will be added automatically to your golf round 🙂

Commenting on the launch of the 24/7 competition in the UK, Andrew Harding, Managing Director of Your Golf Travel, said: “Golf GameBook adds hugely to the experience of a round, particularly for groups and societies, and we are delighted to introduce it to golfers booking Your Golf Travel holidays. The service is fantastic and, what’s more, it’s free, easy to use, fast and most of all, fun.”

Tim Lloyd, European Media Manager at Callaway Golf Europe, said: “We are always looking for new ways in which to push our brand forward. Technology is playing a bigger role in various aspects of the game – especially in mobile, where apps are being developed to benefit golfers. This is a good news for all concerned because as a manufacturer we have the opportunity to target active golfers.”

Our ambassador, Open winner ’09 Stewart Cink added: “I have been involved with GameBook since the beginning, providing a Tour player’s insight throughout the development process. It is very rewarding to see that GameBook is not only now a reality but one that exceeds our initial expectations. GameBook will spice up your game and motivate you to play better throughout the whole round.”

 In case your home course is missing

Nowadays GameBook has most of the world’s golf courses in its database. In case some specific golf course is missing, players always have the option to create it there yourself – with app or on our online service. But of course that’s not necessity – we can do it as well! If you’ll face such a situation that the golf course is missing, please send us feedback from the app (under “profile” tab), tweet the information, write to our Facebook wall or contact us by email and we’ll create it right away!

Play. Share. ENJOY!

– Olli

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