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And then it escalated into a carnival

It was a year 2000. Two Norwegian friends travelled to North Carolina to visit a friend and play some golf. They took a match against two Americans and decided that their yearly tournament will be named after the result of the match; the winning team will be mentioned first.

Ever since they have played Euro US Cup on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and the tournament has grown so that they have set a limit on eight players in each team.

Every year they will play at least six rounds of competitive golf, sing some Karaoke, play card games and reach for the Cato Award.

“It started out as a thing that we one day should try to dress more fancy than Cato, one of the Norwegian players, because he was always very into bright colors and style. And then it kind of escalated into a carnival and now we need to make sure the clubs will let us on with our costumes”, writes Petter Bye, the captain of European Team.

To whom would you give the Cato Award?

To whom would you give the Cato Award?

The Cup will be given to the winners of the match, but in addition to that and the Cato Award, there are also other prizes to compete for, The Ninth Place Ribbon, FedUp Cup and the Club Meisterchaft for example.

There’s also a hole in one prize on the table if someone happens to hit an ace and, unbelievably, it has been given out three times over the 14 years they have played.

The list of the venues they’ve been visiting is impressive: St Andrews Old Course, Pinehurst, Doral, PGA Catalunya, Kiawah Island, Scottsdale, Myrtle Beach and the list goes on.

This year the Norwegians will travel to States again to celebrate their 15th anniversary. And the list mentioned above becomes ever more spectacular: one of the rounds will be played at the world famous TPC Sawgrass.

On the course built in Florida swampland, they will be seen and noticed. But this time they don’t need any permission from the club to dress like Cato, for this reason:

They have just won GameBook’s Reds vs Blues uniform competition!

We will send red and blue uniforms (polo shirts and caps) for the teams to make their match even more fun and spectacular. They have built a website for their tournament and GameBook live scoring with Reds vs Blues game format will be used, of course.

These shirts will be seen at TPC Sawgrass.

Team GameBook congratulates Petter Bye, his bright blue teammates and their passionately red opponents for their impressive win! But they are not the only winners in our competition.

After getting a load of great applications from five different countries, we decided to donate the runner-up prize too. It goes to Sweden and for the teams of Mobbe Cup!

Jörgen Moberg told us about the competition that is played between the seniors (aged 45-60) and juniors (aged 23-28). Even though the juniors have lower handicaps in average, all matches are played in scratch – and the seniors are the defending champions. Golf is a game for people of all ages and so is our easy-to-use application.

In addition to these, we will send a small gift to all the applicants and their teams. We were really touched by all the applications sent to us. It was amazing to see how much attention this little competition got and how many epic Reds vs Blues matches will be played all over the world.

With deepest thanks and appreciation,

Team GameBook
@GolfGameBook on Twitter

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