October 18, 2016 - Golf GameBook

Meet our Ambassadors: Australia

We are extremely excited to introduce the GameBook Ambassadors in this blog series. Our Ambassadors come from around the world with a shared passion towards the game of golf and Golf GameBook.


Let’s begin by introducing Jonathan, a #GBambassador from Australia. He describes himself with the following three words: short, hungry and naturally… a golfer. He started golf at the age of 31 when moving from the UK to Australia. Jonathan’s favorite golf club is his Cleveland 3 Hybrid that he uses to get him out of trouble quite regularly. When asking him about how he had heard of GameBook, he responded:

I found GameBook whilst looking for an app to record my rounds and help me track my stats. I started using it in 2013 so I have nearly every round of golf I have every played on the app.


Jonathan really enjoys using GameBook to arrange social golfing group events. They get 3 or 4 groups playing each month and everyone enjoys watching the other players’ scores in real-time on the app.

It really builds the excitement and banter as the round comes to a climax. If the scores are close, there will be a gallery watching as the last group comes into the 18th green.

Our Ambassador Program aims to bring together golfers from around the world that enjoy having a fun time on the course with their buddies. Jonathan explains:

I love the stats that GameBook tracks and seeing my game progress over time. The app also has everything I need in one place from scoring, hole previews and GPS yardages.

Jonathan (left) with his golf buddies having a good time on the course

Jonathan (left) with his golf buddies having a good time on the course.

Jonathan’s favorite feature is the GPS feature, including the hole previews. He thinks that they are really helpful, especially when he’s playing a course for the first time. We asked him who his all-time favorite golfer is:

I like players with a bit of character like Andrew “Beef” Johnston. I also like watching Bubba Watson who is always playing on the edge.

Andrew "Beef" Johnston is Jonathan's favorite golfer

Andrew “Beef” Johnston is Jonathan’s favorite golfer

– Susanna

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