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624 courses in 42 countries – and counting

In this blog post we’re interviewing Pål from Sweden, an active GameBook user who has played golf on 624 courses in 42 different countries. He is the kind of guy that has inspired our team to create the new Courses features that were recently introduced on the app.

On your GameBook profile, you can now see all the courses you’ve played as well as all of the countries that you’ve golfed in. Pretty cool, isn’t it? We’ve also added a Bucket List feature that allows you to list all of the courses that you dream of playing.

For Pål the list of played courses is rather long and it’s certainly longer than his bucket list. This is not the case for all of us… So, let’s find out what kind of stories he has in his bag.


How old were you when you started playing golf?

I was 19 years old when I started playing golf.

How did you become so passionate about the sport?

It grew over time I guess. I’m pretty restless and I don’t enjoy those vacations where you just sit by the pool or lay on the beach. Honestly, I would rather play golf.

I like to travel to the odd destinations and just play golf while I explore the country. And I love Links golf, nothing beats that! Golf started from the Links and it’s great that you can play them in rain, wind and even stormy weather – and still enjoy it.

Who inspired you to begin golf? 

Seve (Severiano Ballesteros) has always been my inspiration in golf and he’s still my hero!


Seve is Pål’s hero.

Please describe yourself as a golfer.

I’m pretty crap compared to the pros, but pretty good compared to the hackers.

What has been your favorite golf course of all the ones that you have played?

Royal Dornoch in Scotland is up there on the top of my list – with loads of others. There are so many great courses in the world. Interlachen Country Club in Minnesota, USA is probably the one that was in best condition out of all the ones that I’ve played.


Interlachen Country Club in Minnesota is one of Pål’s favorite courses.

What has been the most unforgettable moment on your golf travels so far?

I’ve encountered many unforgettable moments on my golf travels.

If I must select just one, I would say the trip to New Zealand. We rented a big campervan with my family and drove around for 4 weeks –  playing golf and enjoying life. The trip turned out to be so good, that we did it again.

Any fun stories from your travels that you’d like to share with us?

I made a hole-in-one on the 1st of April, April Fools Day. I am lucky that I didn’t play alone!

Another unique experience was when I was golfing in South Africa. That time I was golfing alone and the course was absolutely empty. I had a caddie and one man walking with me on the course. After 5 holes, the other man left us. I then asked my caddie, who he was. My caddie responded that he was the security guard, since a lot of people had been robbed during the first few holes. He then continued on by saying:

“By the way, you are the first white man that I’ve ever seen on this course. This is an all black course, sir.”

That explained a lot. But I really had a good time out there. It was fun to play and all the people were welcoming and nice.

What is your favorite country to golf in? 

South Africa! The golf is obviously amazing and their food and wine are just delicious.

New Zealand is also on the top of my list. The golf is just as good as in South Africa and the scenery even more spectacular. And they do have some good wine and food as well.


Some of the courses that Pål has played are quite challenging.

Who do you mainly golf with?

I mainly golf with my friends or family – or by myself. Every year I play in a “Ryder Cup” event with my golf buddies. We are the same group of guys every year that participate and we take turns in hosting it.

That’s what I look forward to every year.

– Susanna

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