October 25, 2016 - Golf GameBook

Meet our Ambassadors: Sweden

In this blog series we are introducing the GameBook Ambassadors. Last week we traveled to Australia to meet Jonathan. This time we are going to meet Petter from Sweden.


Petter describes himself with the following phrase: Hate to Lose! He started golf at the age of 10, in his hometown Västervik in Sweden at Ekhagens Golf Course.

We wanted to hear how Petter first heard of GameBook. He told us that he was just googling around for an easy way to keep his score and also track his statistics. He found GameBook and thinks that it’s the absolute best!

We’re interested to hear what Petter’s favorite golf club is.

Hmm, my friends would probably say the driver, which I unfortunately have to agree with! But I wish it would be the putter.

Petter enjoys using GameBook because it is easy to start using, it’s simple to choose the game and it’s also convenient to see the statistics after the round. Petter and his friends use the app for each round of golf. It does not matter whether they’re 2 or 12 people, they all like to keep statistics and compete against each other with the different game formats.

The best part of the app in Petter’s opinion is the live leaderboard. I mean who would not be trying their best to climb up the leaderboard during the last 3 holes? Especially when you see that you’re right after your buddy in the leaderboard.


Petter (on the right) enjoying a round of golf with his buddies.

Of course, we’re curious to hear who is Petter’s all-time favorite golfer. He says that there isn’t just one single player, since there are many players who have insprired him, including the big stars like Tiger. Stenson has always been up there as well. Petter enjoys following the guys who have not really been on the top previously. Right now he loves following the young guys, such as Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman.

My personal favorite from Sweden is Alex Norén. I love his style to putt & play golf!


Petter’s favorite golfer from Sweden is Alex Norén.

– Susanna

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