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Meet #GBambassador Jussi

This time we’re introducing you to #GBambassador Jussi from Finland. He’s really into photography and filming, so the content on his social media channels is pretty cool. Jussi’s been a GameBook user since 2013. Let’s find out a little more about him…

When did you begin golf?

Originally I got my green card when I was around 15, but back then though I only played a couple of rounds. I didn’t play for many years until in the year 2013 when all of a sudden I got into golf again and I’ve been playing actively ever since.

Who inspired you to begin golf?

Friends.  I have a couple of friends who have been playing golf since they were kids and some friends that got their green cards a few years back. In the beginning there was only a few of us who played, but more and more of the guys among our friends started playing golf and now we are a solid 14 person group of golfers, all using GameBook.

When did you realize that you are hooked on the game of golf?

A couple of years ago when I realized that I always return to the golf course no matter how poorly I had played the last time. I think that those are the moments when most players realize that they are hooked. Sometimes when the game doesn’t go well (which is more often than I’d care to admit) I think to myself “Why don’t I just play something else, like soccer…” and then the next day I’m back at it again. So thanks Mr. Savujärvi and Mr. Ahola for getting me hooked to this madness.

picture credit: Tino Laaksovirta

What are your other hobbies, apart from golf?

Ice hockey, free skiing and boxing. Boxing is new for me since I’ve been doing it for only a year now, but it’s a great balancing sport to golf.

How did you hear about the app?

A friend of mine introduced me to it. He said that it was Finnish and awesome. Days of using paper scorecards were over.

What is your favorite feature on GameBook?

Statistics and also the social aspect of it. I like looking back at my rounds, how well I’ve hit greens, how many putts, are my drives center, left or right and so on. It’s a good way to improve your game since you can see very clearly what parts of the game need practice. Seeing how my friends are playing and posting and looking at everyone’s photos and videos is great as well.

Who do you golf with most often?

Friends. And sometimes with my Mom, but mostly friends. It’s great to have friends who are active golfers.

If you could select any three people in the world to golf with, who would they be?

Well that’s a tough one… Maybe Mikko Ilonen, Teemu Selänne and Rickie Fowler.

What is your all-time favorite golf course?

Kytäjä Golf.

Which course/courses are on your Bucket list?

I’d really like to play some of the most famous ones in the US and in Scotland, but those will have to wait until I’m a little bit better at the game. 🙂

What is your goal/dream in golf?

To be able to play the whole course to par (or under). Hopefully I will reach that level at some point.

What’s in your golf bag?

Cobra driver, King fwd, Nike hybrid, Cleveland irons, Odyssey putter, a couple of Vockeys, a power bank, a GoPro, water, snack bars, tees, golf balls and all of that regular stuff.

Which club is your absolute favorite in your golf bag?

My 52 Vockey wedge.

Who is your idol in golf?

Probably Rickie Fowler. He is the one I follow most in social media. Seems like a chill dude.

Do you have a memory to share from the golf course?

A friend of mine organizes a golf competition for our group of friends every summer. It’s always a fun event where all of the guys gather up and play. The event is followed by eating, having some beers and going to the sauna.

You can follow Jussi’s rounds and the content he takes with his GoPro on the app 😀

– Susanna

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