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Meet #GBambassador Lasse

Are you ready to meet our Swedish Ambassador Lasse? He participated in the Göteborg vs Stockholm Ambassador weekend in Göteborg and now we’re thrilled to introduce him to all of you guys.

When did you start playing golf?

4 years ago.

Do you have a story to share from your very first golf round(s)?

I haven’t become much better since I started.

I actually played with the left hand under the right, so I had much straighter shots 🙂

First year I used the wrong grip (down to hcp 13 something), second year I changed the grip (hcp got higher), third year, I broke something in my left hand and could only play with one hand for approximately 40 rounds including a golf week in Portugal, after that I changed my swing again and now I’m finally starting to improve (or maybe not).

When did you realize that you are hooked on the game of golf?

After the very first round.

What are your other hobbies, apart from golf?

Football and cross-country skiing,

How long have you been a GameBook user?

Since I started with golf I think.

What is your favorite feature on GameBook?

The tournament functions. Love to follow the live scoring between the holes.

Who do you golf with most often?

Niklas “Triebet365” Trieb. (He’s also a GameBook Ambassador).

If you could select any three people in the world to golf with, who would they be?

Dustin, Jimenez & Maradona (Spieth is way too slow, almost slower than my friend Martin “Big Shot” Hedevåg).

What is your all-time favorite golf course?

Haven’t played in the US yet so I have to say Onyria Palmares in the Algarve.

Which course/courses are on your Bucket list?

Augusta (of course).

What is your goal/dream in golf?

To not have to play with graphite shafts like my friend Henrik “Munken” Munkhammar and to still be able to hit nice high draws instead of low punched shots like Piero “Mr P” Gatica.

What’s in your golf bag?

Some old, beautiful, Ben Hogan blade irons (way too hard for me but I “love” the real physic punishment of a bad hit), Ping putter, Cleveland 50, 56, 60 wedges, Callaway X2 Hot Stiff 11* driver and a new Titleist spoon than will be in play soon.

Which club is your absolute favorite in your golf bag?


Who is your idol in golf?


Do you have a memory to share from the golf course?

So many… for example:

We caught a fish (Swedish: gädda) with the 7 iron next to the green at Östad Golf and I think we left it in the rental bag… Ooops.

Played the Pro Am of Portugal Masters with Kotte Broberg and trained in the morning with Marc Warren after a super super late night out (maybe 1 hour of sleep). The training went superb, the competition went terrible including an attack from a wasp that got under my golf polo. I hade to strip in front of the audience but got a stitch anyway.

Played the Gamebook Ambassador match “The Fish Cleaners vs Stockholm Capitals”, unfortenately we got a spy from Gothenburg in the Stockholm team. Maria Bengtsson, that used to play college golf in Atlanta and thought she was Michelle Wie and yada yada yada… She contributed with like zero points to the team including one hole with several water and bunker shots.

Thanks Lasse for the interview! We sense that there is a little friendly quarell going on here between two of our Ambassadors. If you read Maria’s interview, you’ll know what I mean 😀

– Susanna

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