November 1, 2016 - Golf GameBook

Meet our Ambassadors: Sweden, part II

It’s time to return to Sweden to meet #GBambassador Felix. Felix describes himself as ambitious, competitive and funny. He started golf in Helsingborg, in the South of Sweden, where his father introduced him to the game. Allerum Golf Club was the first club where they began to play together.

Felix (on the left) with his golf buddies enjoying a round of golf.

Felix (on the left) and his buddies enjoying a round of golf.

When we asked Felix how he had first heard of GameBook, he told us that he had gotten the word from other golfers in Sweden. Felix started using the Golf GameBook app last year – and has been very active ever since.


Felix’s best experience with GameBook was actually the latest game he played a couple of weeks ago. And that was simply because he played some awesome golf! Felix enjoys the live leaderboard that gives a full overview of the different groups.

But what I love the most is the stats that the app provides me. Then I can see what I need to improve on for the next round of golf.

Felix’s favorite golf club is his putter. He’s had it for almost 10 years and it still delivers… Spieth-style! And then to the final question: who is Felix’s all-time favorite golfer?

I have to go with my Swedish Hero and say, Ice, ice baby… Henrik Stenson!

Henrik Stenson is Felix's all-time favorite golfer.

Henrik Stenson is Felix’s all-time favorite golfer.


– Susanna

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