Golf GameBook | Apple Watch | golf gps livescoring digital scorecard
Golf GameBook | Apple Watch | golf gps livescoring digital scorecard
December 2, 2016 - Golf GameBook

5 Things To Know: Golf GameBook On Apple Watch

If you could find a way to speed up your round, make managing your game easier and, most importantly, more fun, would you give it a try?

Wearable technology and technology in general is catching like wildfire these days, especially in the golf industry. That’s why we decided to integrate the Apple Watch with the Golf GameBook app. I have even been amazed about how easy it is to use GameBook on the Apple Watch. It takes only a few seconds to enter scores and even check the yardage to the green.

We recently launched the beta version of the Apple Watch app for Golf GameBook, and it is now available on the App Store. We want to be front runners with this technology just as we have been with mobile golf apps, so that we can make the game we all love even more enjoyable than it already is.

Here are the 5 key things you should know about using Golf GameBook on the Apple Watch:

  1. It syncs with the iPhone app

The Golf GameBook Apple Watch app syncs directly with your Golf GameBook account, meaning you can use your iPhone and Apple Watch interchangeably. All round information will directly compile into your account within Golf GameBook, so you won’t skip a beat.

  1. Golf GPS: Yardages

With Apple Watch, you can quickly check the distance of each shot right from your wrist with yardages to the center of green. Having yardages readily available can increase pace of play and free time for socializing and posting photos of your golf buddies during the round.

  1. Keep score

Our beta testers praised the Apple Watch app’s score entry. The Apple Watch app functions as an extension of the digital scorecard on the Golf GameBook iPhone app that lets you keep score for one to four players. Only the Duplicate and Erado game formats are not supported at this time. But even if you are playing one of these formats, you can still choose to use the watch for yardages. If you are playing with handicaps, you are also able see the scratch and net scores on each hole.

  1. Collect statistics

Golfers LOVE stats — as do we. When we published our first Apple Watch version to our beta testers, the app didn’t include the possibility of entering statistics. After surveying our test group, more than 40% of tester feedback related to the possibility to enter statistics. And as you know, we listen to what our users have to say! So, now you can enter and track fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts on the Apple Watch app.

  1. Notifications

You will also get notifications on your Apple Watch from various activities within Golf GameBook. The watch notifies you whenever there is something relevant going on that you might want to check on the iPhone app. These activities include comments or other posts on your Game Feed as well as general notifications such as a friend of yours starting a round or making a birdie.

Finally, here’s a short tutorial video below to help you navigate Golf GameBook on Apple Watch. I truly hope you enjoy this new aspect of your GameBook experience! And remember that we are always eager to hear any feedback and suggestions you might have.

– Kalle

@kallevainola & @GolfGameBook on Twitter

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